OASFAA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Via Conference Call

July 8, 2004




Amy Baker

Mark Bandre’

Phil Bovenizer

David Bowman

Marc Brenner*

John Brown

Diane Burnham

Beth Casper*
Jeff Daniels

Deb Divers

Kacy Duling

Steve England*

Suzanne Fahrer

Mary Kay Freshour

Sandy Gilbert*

Ann Marie Gruber

Greg Guzman*

Gail Houtz*

Kathy John

Angela Johnson

Betsy Johnson*

Michael Jones*

Susan Kannenwischer*

Val Kepner*

Chuck Knepfle

Scott Lehman

Todd Matthews

Tasha McDaniel*

David Miller*

Lisa Mitchell*

Kim Nash-Yore

Melony Ohalek

Mary Lynn Perri

Faith Phillips

Tom Rudd*

Wendell Schick

Michiale Schneider*

Carmen Sears-Edwards

Charles Shahid*

Pam Stimpert*

Stephanie Sutton*

Lee Ann Timmerman

Randy Ulses

Michele Wade*

Mickie Waterman*

Claudia Wenzel

Cheryl Willard









I. Introductions/Announcements                                                      Mark Bandre’


The meeting was called to order at 10:19 am.  Because this was the first meeting under Mark’s leadership he asked for comments and questions on the reporting structure.  Following a personal review of Roberts Rules of Order, Mark reported that no approval votes will be taken on submitted minutes or treasurer reports unless there is contention on some detail.  He also reported on the following topics:


·         Report from attendance at 2-year public schools meeting:

Mark went to the 2 year school meeting on June 25th and was able to comment to the two year schools attendees about the Ethics issue and the fact that there is no need for OASFAA to come up with a policy for all to follow.  He feels that is up to each school to come up with their own policy.  If people have individual questions, feel free to bring that up at OSFAA meetings so it can be discussed.  Also, there was a fair amount of concern about the door prizes at conference as it is a violation of the ethics rule.  What about the possibility of asking OASFAA associate members to have scholarships rather than a tangible item?  Steve and Michael will work on this suggestion with associate members who might be inclined to offer a door prize of greater than $100 in value.  Otherwise, we must assume that members possibly affected by Ethics issues will simply not enter the drawings.

·         Report from attendance at Miami University staff meeting:

On June 23rd Mark attended THE Miami staff meeting to make presentation about OASFAA.  It gave the opportunity to clear some waters, as some of the staff had some negative experiences involving OASFAA. Chuck agreed that it went well and thanked Mark for coming.

·         Policies and Procedures recommended changes from AG&P:

1.) 3.3 Position Vacancies – Address how to remove someone from office:

“Any trustee in violation of the constitution, or becomes incapacitated, is subject to removal from office upon majority vote of the Trustees.”

The Policy and Procedure manual currently indicates how to replace somebody but not remove someone.  Wendell commented that it would require all the trustees to agree.  This would not be something that would not be entered into lightly.

2.) 5.1.2 Assco Governance Committee-add responsibility of “Recommends and Reviews the Long-Range Plan.”


3.) 5.1# Add College Goal Sunday as a committee 


Discussion:  Do we need to come up with detail of what CGS does?  John says that each committee is asked to review their section of Policy and Procedure manual and make any recommendations. John recommends that we ask the committee to come up with the details. Suzanne asked if we need to make adjustments to the Associate member committee.  Mark feels we need to make it an ad hoc committee. 


4.) 6.3Investment Policy- Create a policy to allow rebuilding of reserves.

 “Contribute 25% of intended minimum reserve amount annually until minimum amount is achieved.”

 Hopefully will be four year plan to build reserves.  We need to be in line with the current Policy which we are currently not.  There is actually a line item in proposed budget to add money to the reserves.  This needs to be in the budget to be in line with policy.


5.) Add “rules” for 6.7 -Signing contracts- paying invoices within a contract and outside a contract. This would give each of us a safety net for these types.  Goal is to prevent not having guidance and to maintain communication back to exec. 

“Individual invoices/charges within a signed contract which exceed the lesser of $1000 or 20% of the contract, must be signed by the President-Elect.  Individual invoices within a signed contract which exceed the lesser of $5000 or 50% of the contract, require approval of the Trustees before the President-Elect is authorized to sign.”


6.) Add to each committees responsibilities and to each elected officials description:

“Individual invoices/charges which exceed the lesser of $1000 or 50% of the budget of an officer or a committee, must be signed by the President-Elect.”

7.) This statement should be coupled with both of the above items and can go in the general scetionof committees:

“Any member in violation of this policy is subject to removal from office or committee, upon approval of the Trustees”


8.) Develop a proposal form if you are going to spend money in excess of the amount in the Policies and Procedures manual before committing to a contract.


Discussion:  Mary Kay wanted to know who is going to develop a new form, it was decided that Faith would create the form.

Randy made a motion to approve the changes to the P and P, Mary Lynn seconded the motion.  The motion was carried.

The secretary will work with John Brown to make the changes to Policy and Procedure manual update on the web site.


·         Mark talked about the Long Range strategic Plan and the proposed new plan brought forth by AG&P.   Current policy has expired.  John commented about putting this together, it is a plan that you create to have a plan in place and revisit it each year, of course things can change over the course of the 5 years.  Mark mentioned that the philosophy of OASFAA and the possibility of funds drying up.  This creates a plan as to what we do in this case.  What are the core functions and what do we keep on doing?  If we did not have money, 2 and then 3 would fall by the wayside.  Wendell commented that when the committee came together there were people that were there that had developed the old plan.  They could offer the historical perspective.  Mark asked if there were any other discussion item.  Mary Kay asked about the dues for two of the years, the dues had not increased until the 01-02 year.  Change the amount per member dues from 30-25.  Mark has amended the proposed document. 

Mark asked for motion to accept the Long Range – Faith moved, Wendell seconded.  Need to add the date that this was created.  The motion passed.  The Secretary will work with John Brown to make these changes and update the website.


Here is the long range plan as presented:


This plan incorporates four major types of Association activity:

  Core Functions

  Training Activities

  Discretionary Committees/Activities

  Ancillary Services


This plan should be reviewed and updated minimally every five years by the Association Governance and Planning Committee.





The Core Functions are those deemed essential to the minimal operation of the Association.  They are necessary for the maintenance of a strong organization.  The membership dues shall support the Core Functions.  The budget line items associated with these functions have been listed.  Any adjustments to budget items should be incorporated in to this plan each year.



                  ATAC Services

                  Nominations and Communications



                  Historical Records


                  Meetings: Executive Committee; Transition



                                  Quicken Software


                  President to NASFAA

                  President-Elect to MASFAA

President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect to NASFAA Leadership




                  Membership: Regional Meetings

                  Outreach – to be reviewed each year



The following information from the 1999-00 to 2003-04 Long-Range Financial Plan (developed during the 2001-02 year) is provided as an historical record.  This information was used to support the proposal of increased membership dues (from $25 to $30 per member).  The costs for the Core Functions (Core Costs) are used as the basis for the membership fee.


The following are the actual and projected Core Costs.  The projected Core Costs are using an estimated annual membership of 650 and an estimated (3) percent annual increase in Core Costs.  “Surplus/(Subsidy)” represents dues revenue and its relationship to covering Core Costs.  A Surplus occurs when dues revenue exceeds Core Costs.  A (Subsidy) occurs when dues revenue fall short of covering Core Costs and other income sources must subsidize Core Functions.  The “Calculated” dues columns represent the actual cost of Core Functions as spread out over the given level of membership (actual or estimated).     


Budget                                     Dues                       Surplus/ Members                Calculated/

Cycle                        Core Costs            Revenue (Subsidy)              # & $Paid             Recommended


1999-00   23460                    19680                    (3780)                   656 - $30               $35.76/$30

2000-01   19159                    18030                    (1129)                   601 - $30               $31.88/$30

2001-02   16353                    17370                    1017                       579 - $30               $28.24/$30

2002-03*                12928                    19500                    (4428)                   650 - $30               $36.81/$30

2003-04*                24646                    19500                    (5146)                   650 - $30               $37.92/$30


*projected in 2001-02





These are still essential functions but, particularly in tight budget years, these programs and activities shall typically be self-supporting through registration fees.         These include annual conferences, pre-conference workshops, and training activities beyond the Core Functions.  The activities of the committees coordinating these events shall be included in the Association’s training expenses.  These committees include:








Corporate support obtained for any of these events will be used to cover expenses of the discretionary committees, and, if sponsorship exceeds the need, to reduce registration fees and/or enhance the training actiivity.





These are important activities, but not essential.  Therefore, these committees/activities will be active in a given year to the extent that they can be funded through excess income (e.g. corporate support, advertising revenue, or a dues surplus).  The following committees/activities are considered discretionary:


















Evaluate annually the amount of the Reserve Fund in relation to the fiscal needs of the Association to ensure its compliance with the Reserve Fund Policy (Long-Range Investment Policy, see Section VI, 6.3.



·         Mark will go to NASFAA conference on July 17th.  The technology committee will meet during conference.  Reauthorization Task Force will be meeting as well.  Mark will be moderating a session and directing traffic with MASFAA.


II. Secretary’s Report                                                                         Amy Baker


Discussion: All the minutes from last year are posted on the website.  Mark also reviewed the website and realized he needed to update the Presidents welcome statement.  Mary Kay and Wendell made corrections to the minutes.  Mark said we do not need to approve the minutes. The minutes were approved upon the condition that Mark, Amy and Wendell will update a few missed points.



III. Treasurer’s Report                                                                      Faith Phillips


Faith and Amy will work on transition for the New Year.  All checks for deposit need to go to Betsy send reimbursement requests to Mary Lynn and then onto to Faith to write the check.  Mark reminded everyone about the procedures for reimbursement requests. They need to be signed by the appropriate committee chair and then approved by Mary Lynn.  For the next year, Faith and Betsy will have access to QuickBooks and then one password will be created for the entire executive committee to use as a view only.



IV. Regional Representatives Reports


A.)    Northeast                                                                      Carmen Sears-Edwards


Carmen has been speaking with schools and potential presenters.  Are we going to have the meetings around the same time?  Yes, we would like to but there is no requirement to do so.  Carmen is working on her schedule.  Hope to finalize the details for the September meeting.  She is looking at bringing in software presenters for the November meeting. 


B.)     Northwest                                                                     Todd Matthews

                Todd has sent an email to his region about possible sites and topics.  He is trying to finalize that schedule.  Mark added that we need to continue to communicate with each other.  Carmen asked that regional reps create a commercial about the benefits of OASFAA to show at each regional meeting.  Mark added that the website states the benefits of membership, Mark asked Kacy to do that.  We can tag on Carmen’s suggestion to open meetings with the commercial.  Kacy mentioned that she and Mark had talked about keeping attendance records at meetings and then forward to Kacy so she can determine who is a member and who is not.  That we can keep can keep track of what is happening and who is attending.  We will offer guest attendance.  Kacy will then follow-up with a phone call to those folks to give a membership pitch.  The reps need to get as much information that they can about the person so Kacy can contact them easily.



C.)     Southeast                                                                      Phil Bovenizer      

Phil is working on getting meetings together




D.)    Southwest                                                                     Jeff Daniels          


Jeff collected information from the region to see what kind of training people are interested in.  Melony added that the Outreach committee can put together a presentation to give at the first regional meeting.  She added information about what was provided to the guidance counselors at the Articulation workshop. Dates for the Articulation workshops are as follows:

Sept 14th - Xavier

Sept 15th – University o f Findlay

Sept 16th University of Akron

Sept 17th OSU –Newark


Jeff asked dates are coordinated with all meeting dates.  Mark added that you can check the NASFAA, MASFAA, and OASFAA dates.  A reminder: Everyone needs to add his or her event and meeting dates onto the website calendar. 


The Guidance counselor workshops are the week of November 30th – Dec 3rd.


V. Executive Committee Reports


A.)    VP for Training                                                             Randy Ulses


1.)      Support Professional Committee- looking for committee members. Need to update website on past winners of the Support professional workshop

2.)      Need Analysis

Kim and I are finalizing the recruiting process for the Need Analysis Committee.  Scott sent out an e-mail to all of last year’s members to invite them back for next year.  Also included people that expressed interest in the Need Analysis Committee on their membership application or verbally Scott myself or Kim throughout last year.


The e-mail was sent out to approximately 20 people.  So far, I have about 10 positive responses.  Many members have committed verbally.  If everyone who committed verbally participates, we will have a rather large committee.  I don’t believe in turning people away people as this is a volunteer organization.  So I will continue to accept members as long as people are willing to participate.


Finally, we do have our first committee meeting scheduled for Friday, August 6 at Franklin University.


3.)      NASFAA Training- training dates are being looked at, the topic is Student Loan Issues.  Randy will be looking for NASFAA trainers.  He ordered 125 training materials for fall training.  Claudia had given names to Randy regarding possibilities for NASFAA trainers which he will follow up on.


4.)      Outreach Committee- See comments above, sandy and Mel will be meeting regarding separating duties.  They will look at the possibility to meet at Ohio Link for future meetings.  Mark asked Randy to send an email out to exec regarding the possibility of using Ohio link.  Randy said that meetings are booked through October as far as the conference room.  After mid October,  there should be no problem with meeting at Great Lakes.

a.)      Stakeholder Relations & Training-

1.        Articulation

2.        School Counselor

3.        Access Groups

4.        Others


5.)      Early Awareness Committee

Summary of activitiesPam and Tasha met to discuss their plan for the summer.  They will contact interested members to inform them of the committee’s new initiative and a tentative meeting date in late September.  They also discussed emailing all OASFAA members to gain more interest in the committee. 


Tasha met with Kim Campbell, Program Director of I Know I Can.  She shared the committee’s new initiative and asked if the organization could possibly purchase I Know I Can books.  The books are relatively inexpensive and could be used for smaller early awareness programs.


Wendell added that the Student Access to Success met and he will forward the minutes to everyone when he receives them from OBR


5.)      College Goal Sunday Committee                                        

The date of CGS is February 13th.  Please plan to volunteer. Mark has been communicating with Claudia on how she is to move forward, she and Greg have been developing a timeline that they need to stay on track with.  Claudia asked Melony what she needs for the Articulation workshop to pass out.  Melony indicated that fliers will be fine to give out to each participant and a slide will be included in presentation at articulation.  Mark mentioned that about 3 weeks ago Wendell sent an email to the contact at the Browns, regarding hope to support.  This person asked Wendell to put together a letter about what we see as the relationship between the Browns and OASFAA.  Claudia reviewed their timeline.  Greg is working on putting together a PowerPoint slide to present to people when looking for sponsorship opportunities.  The goal is to have all sites secured by August.  We are looking at the OCAN conference in October.  They would like to put periodic updates on the website to keep people more informed about the event.  In November, they will be working with the Outreach committee in how to proceed at Guidance Counselor Workshop in advertising the event.  The idea is to include guidance to the counselors about how to proceed with HS nights and how College Goal Sunday fits into the picture.  Claudia asked if it needs to be done earlier than November and the response was, yes.  It was mentioned about the possibility of advertising with the Gas Company to assist with advertising in January as being Financial Aid Awareness month.  This is assuming that the Browns will not support us.  We want to avoid shipment costs for this year.  Katie has delivered all her information to Claudia and Greg to help develop the timeline.  Mary Kay has asked about the scholarships that were awarded for the year.  They have not been sent out.  Mary Lynn has pulled out all the scholarship winners and will be getting confirmation of winners and where they will be attending so we can pay the scholarship.  Randy added that folks did not know that Mary Lynn was handling the follow-up for the scholarship.  Wendell added that the end of the year report was submitted by Tally Hart to the Lumina Foundation and offered thanks for her hard work.  This report that she submitted is the second of three reports that needs to be submitted.




B.)     VP for Conferences                                                                      Cheryl Willard

1.)      Corporate Development


We attended the 04-05 Finance Committee Meeting on June 10th and received the following sponsorship goals for the year:


a.        General Sponsorship:          $17,050

b.       College Goal Sunday:          $10,000

c.        Winter Conference:             $40,000

d.       Spring Conference:              $40,000 + $2,000 for golf outing



We will meet in July to plan for the General Sponsorship campaign to be launched on the web in mid- to late- August.


Do we encourage vendors to bring scholarships rather than items that could be considered unethical.  Mark added that if a person is not comfortable receiving a gift then they should not enter the drawing.  Chuck questioned when the prize is extreme, maybe a statement can be given to associate member that if the prize exceeds a certain amount then they can provide guidance that the vendor provide a different prize.  Ethical commission determined that this would be a violation of the policy if the person used it for personal use.  (TV)


2.)      Professional Development

Listed below is the 2004-2005 plans for the Professional Development Committee.

·         Focus group on "A Year of Review (or Reflection)" or Lessons in Leadership with 2003 and 2004 classes to build ideas for future of Leadership

·         Seasoned Professional Track (at least 2 or 3 sessions @ conference) 

·         Drive In Workshop (North and South)

·         Session at Winter & Spring as momentum for Leadership and nomination process for 2005

·         Committee Members (thus far): Michael Jones (Northwestern University of Ohio) , John Hammond (National City Bank), Kim Jeffers (SunTrust), Troy Lum (University of Dayton), Tamara Jones (Ohio Business College)



We still need to finalize presenters and we have a tentative meeting date for the committee members for late July.  We will be planning the agenda for conference as well.


3.)      Conference:

Conference Chair positions have been filled and preliminary discussions have begun regarding Winter Conference.


                                Beth Casper, BGSU                                                              Registration Chair

                                Lee Ann Timmerman, ONU                                                Program Chair

                                Michiale Schneider, Chase                                                 Entertainment Co-Chair

                                John Brown, GLHEC                                                            Entertainment Co-Chair

                                Gail Houtz, BGSU                                                 Site Co-Chair

                                Mickie Waterman, Franklin U.                                           Site Co-Chair

                                Steve England, AES                                                            Corporate Development Co-Chair

                                Michael Jones, UNO                                                           Corporate Development Co-Chair


A Conference Planning meeting will be scheduled to take place in September.  By mid July, an email will be sent to the membership announcing the Conference Planning meeting and asking for volunteers to join the Conference Planning Committee.  The email will also include a call for session topics. We will be meeting at BW because of the cost.  We will be planning to meet at Great Lakes for spring conference planning meeting


Winter Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Columbus/Worthington, from December 8 through December 10, 2004.  The Finance Committee approved a Winter Conference budget of $56.000.  The October Committee Report will include committee members’ names and details regarding the program.


Spring Conference will be held at the Hilton Akron/Fairlawn from May 17 through May 20, 2005.  The Finance Committee approved a Spring Conference budget of $49,500.  Plans for this conference will begin in January, 2005.


Jamie Malone will be joining us as a key note speaker.  Access groups (David Swedlow) will make a presentation as well as OCAN.  Cheryl is working on spending little money on outside key note speakers. 


As suggested by members of the Finance Committee, individuals receiving complimentary conference registration and/or conference sleeping room as indicated in the current P & P.

a.)      Site

b.)     Program

c.)      Entertainment

d.)     Registration

e.)      New Member/Mentor  - Mark added that Kacy will work with regional reps as far as who is attending the regional meetings and then Diane can help contact these members when they join.  She will need to work with Casey on how she knows when someone is a new member.


There is a section in the P and P that dictates who gets a comped room.  Mary Kay and Michelle will be working on that for the October meeting.  Faith asked for a session for different sectors to get together.  Cheryl will look at it for conference planning meeting.                        


C.)     President-Elect                                                             Mary Lynn Perri


1.)      Nominations Committee

No report


2.)      Finance Committee

Review, discuss and, if appropriate, approve the 2004-2005 budget.

Mary Lynn reviewed the proposed budget.  Electronic initiatives begin to increase to allow future enhancements.- ATAC – new line transfer to reserves when we go below our minimum reserves.  In determining the amount-it was determined by t 25% plus the amount left over to balance the budget.  Mark added that the Insurance line is bigger than last year because we don’t know what that will be.  Also, we built the music copyright into the budget.  Added exec committee line item was added to cover lunches.  Made the Assoc. member and membership support was zero.  CGS corporate development line item was added.  Secretary added to purchase the folders, materials for the organization.  Increase in Guidance counselor workshop to increase sites.

Mark entertained a motion to approve, Wendell motioned, Cheryl seconded, motion passed

3.)      Research

No projects at this time

4.)      College Goal Sunday Corporate Development


An e-mail was sent to the OASFAA membership requesting volunteers to serve on the CGS Corporate Development Committee.  A copy of that e-mail follows:


The College Goal Sunday Corporate Development Committee is looking for committee members who are interested in assisting us with soliciting corporate sponsors.  Our plans include calling on corporations and grant agencies who may be interested in monetary donations that will benefit the College Goal Sunday mission.


If you are interested in volunteering on our committee, please e-mail either Suzanne Fahrer  -  suzann@bgnet.bgsu.edu


Debralee Divers  - divers@bgnet.bgsu.edu


We look forward to hearing from you before July 1.  Thank you for taking time to consider a volunteer position with OASFAA!


Currently, we have heard from the following:

·         Denesa Woods – College Loan Corporation

·         Jennifer Minyo – Columbus State CC

·         Durecia Hopkins – Case Western Reserve

An initial inquiry was made by Joyce Wilkins from University of Dayton, but I have not heard back from her to know if she intends to participate on our committee.


Shortly after the July 4th holiday, Suzanne and Debralee will be setting a meeting time with members of said committee to discuss our strategies and goals. 


Our committee would be interested in any suggestions for corporations with whom we should make a formal proposal.  Likewise, we would appreciate any direction with regard to corporations we should avoid contacting (and rationale as to why).


                Past President                                                       Wendell Schick

1.)      Association Governance Planning

See notes above 

2.)      Membership

Current membership is 746 Kacy asked that information be passed on to her regarding attendance at meetings.  Faith asked about seeing address of members and it was noted that you need to click on the name to see address.  Mark asked that guidance be included on website.

a.)      Communication

We will be preparing to send out the first Gazette for 2004-05 towards the end of this month (July).  We plan to include some information about the past spring conference, to continue the “Did you Know” section and feature a student success story as well as other association updates.  We will have 4 issues of the Gazette this year


b.)     Membership Support

No report


3.)      Regulatory Committee-David and Stephanie will head this committee and no issues were raised at this time.

a.)      State Issues- no report

b.)     Federal Issues- no report

c.)      Reauthorization Issues

The status of reauthorization is on hold at this time.            



VI. Liaison Reports

A.)    OBR                                                                               

Wendell said that his most recent correspondence with Charles Shahid has been the last three years of the Pell table to see how the EFC is calculated

B.)  Great Lakes                                                                   

Dave added that they are still making a commitment to OASFAA and will do everything they can to find space for meeting – if they can’t find space they will cover the cost for space at other locations.

C.       OCAN-Shane Hollett is not longer with OCAN Mark will get in touch with Tina Milano for a new liaison.                                                                       



VII. Old Business

 Randy asked about communication method about the benefits of membership


VIII. New Business

All contract and other important information needs to be submitted to Faith to be placed in the lock box.  Amy asked that all outstanding checks be cashed or deposited.


Next Meeting – October 7, 2004 – 10:00 AM - GLHEC




Faith Phillips made the motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Cheryl Willard.  The meeting adjourned at 1:23 pm.