OASFAA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Holiday Inn 4560 Hilton Corporate Drive, Columbus, Ohio

October 7, 2004




Amy Baker

Mark Bandré

Phil Bovenizer

David Bowman

Marc Brenner*

John Brown

Diane Burnham

Beth Casper
Jeff Daniels

Deb Divers*

Kacy Duling*

Steve England

Suzanne Fahrer

Mary Kay Freshour

Sandy Gilbert

Ann Marie Gruber*

Greg Guzman

Gail Houtz*

Kathy John*

Angela Johnson

Betsy Johnson

Michael Jones

Susan Kannenwischer*

Kim Keily

Val Kepner

Chuck Knepfle*

Scott Lehman

Todd Matthews

Tasha McDaniel*

David Miller*

Lisa Mitchell*

Kim Nash-Yore*

Melony Ohalek

Mary Lynn Perri

Faith Phillips

Tom Rudd*

Wendell Schick

Michiale Schneider

Charles Shahid*

Pam Stimpert*

Stephanie Sutton*

Emily Swain

Lee Ann Timmerman

Randy Ulses

Michele Wade*

Claudia Wenzel

Cheryl Willard




The meeting was called to order at 10:08

I.  Announcements and Opening Business                                    Mark Bandré


Mark welcomed Emily Swain as the new NE Regional Rep and Kim Kiley as the new OCAN rep.  He thanked Great Lakes for providing the meeting room and lunch today and Michiale Schnieder for arranging the conference call and covering  the July and January call expenses.  Mark also announced that Michiale will be taking the USA Funds rep position.  All were asked to think of Kacy Duling who will not be in attendance today due to the loss of her aunt. 

A)     Archives search for President’s reports:

At Mark’s request, Beth has been doing research about what our overall membership numbers have been.  In the course of this research, she and Ann Bowers (BGSU archivist) discovered that we do not have presidents’ reports in the Archives for all appropriate years.   Mark and Wendell e-mailed all the past presidents in an effort to find past reports.  This resulted in some good conversation and a few additional reports.  Ann has also been doing a systematic inventory of what we have in the archives.

                B) CGS and Cleveland Browns Foundation:

Greg, Claudia, Wendell and Mark  have been working with the Cleveland Browns Foundation following Shane Hollett’s news that there is a lot of hope to be able to work with this organization.  Since Shane made the announcement and  the contact, we needed to put together a formal proposal. Greg has created such a proposal and Wendell e-mailed it to the foundation.  Whether or not the Cleveland Browns proposal works out, this provides us a template for future funding.  Mark showed the CGS screen that was presented at the articulation workshops.  A power point presentation was put together (and displayed today) that we could send to Browns Foundation, but they wanted a more condensed version.  Regardless, this will help us as we go out and try to locate sources of future funding.   The end result is that we e-mailed all pertinent items to the Browns and have been in touch with them but have received little feedback.  The proposal asks for help in putting us in touch with the media and to help with advertising and also gave them the option for other opportunities.  Greg indicated we asked for more than what we expect and that he believes the down side, from their perspective, is that we asked them for involvement.  They are willing to help out but they do not really want to be involved.   

C)      MASFAA Scholarship:

One person from each state gets a scholarship to promote involvement in MASFAA.  Scott Lehman was selected as the Ohio winner of the scholarship. 

                D) Institutional membership:

Mark made comments on his experience with institutional membership.  He attended some meetings around the state to get feedback about individual membership versus the institutional membership and how schools would be affected.  Some schools require the person to pay their own individual membership.  We need to find a fee that may allow more memberships.  Indiana offers institutional and individual membership.    Currently our membership is up, but Betsy pointed out that our current membership number is deceiving because it includes memberships that will expire in December 2004 and December 2005.  Mark said that we need to make sure certain, per the policy manual, that core functions continue to be supported by membership dues.  It was brought up about how other non-voting memberships would be effected.  A clarification was made about voting members versus non-voting. Kim asked about the difference between the two memberships.  She thinks the big kicker is not being able to participate in office and vote.  How does the institutional membership effect an organization like OCAN?  That is something that needs to be researched.  But it needs to be discussed because of the feedback we got back from the two year and four year school memberships.  How would schools deal with the change and allow staff to be members.  Mark initially thought is that we need to allow both types of memberships.  Greg asked what the real driving force is behind the potential need for change.  Mark commented that he is concerned that we are losing members from the state school sector.  Greg commented that bigger is not always better.  If we increase our membership will these people really be involved.  John asked if the issue may be recruitment rather in change in the way we do memberships.  We need to market what we give for the membership and state why someone should belong.  Wendell commented that we need to represent the entire membership.  If we only have participants from a certain part of a sector, we are not meeting our goals.  Diane asked if the driving force is money or what are the goals.  We need to reach out and educate as best we can.  Is there another way that we can get more access to the members to support our goals?  Mark commented about our change in the regional meeting and requiring participants to go to one meeting as a guest and then encourage folks to become a member.   Kacy is following up with these people who are not members.  Betsy commented that we may want to consider not allowing people to attend regional meetings without being a member.  Emily feels the need to reach out to these folks and invite them to the meeting to encourage membership.  Randy said that we may need to target market to those schools that are not involved.  If we are looking to grow membership we need to make that happen through education and encouragement.  Kim mentioned that we may need to do a better job of marketing.  Mark asked for suggestions in communicating the benefits of OASFAA membership.  Kim said that she could give us the OCAN member list so we can communicate to them of upcoming events.  OCAN people are always looking for training and to build relationships with financial aid officers.  Claudia added that the importance is the need to make a connection.  Diane asked if we send reminders about renewing memberships.  Betsy indicated that she ahs done that is previous years.  Mark commented that he is not caught up in the institutional membership but rather finding ways to market ourselves better.  We could go back to the website and look at the communication regarding the benefits of membership.  Do we need to have an OASFAA brochure?  Do we need to focus on networking with people that should be OASFAA members but are not?  Mark is going to drop the institutional membership issue for the time being.  We do agree that there are things that we can do to market ourselves better and find a way to communicate with people that are not member.  Mark is going to contact Kacy about forming a committee to help her with selling OASFAA memberships.  We need to continue to encourage people to be members as well.  Mary Lynn said that we need to involve the communication chairs with the effort.

E)       Mark made a friendly reminder to keep an eye on your area of the web site for updates.  We need to keep updating the web site on a regular basis.  Paula has asked for an official point of contact if she ever has any questions about the web.  The president elect has been named the contact.  Mark had e-mailed a proposal that came from Paula about updating the web site.  Mark wanted feedback as to whether we want to make enhancements to the website.  Proposal includes the option to accept credit card payments, upgrading the workability of the membership database, but there is a sticker price associated with it.  Any questions need to go to Paula.  Betsy commented that it would be nice to have the capability to email target membership groups and to be able to do attachments.  But she questions the overall need to print a membership directory since we all have access to look for members on a constantly changing database. Why would we want to pay for that piece?  Mark asked Paula if she can create an excel file of all the institutions with one point of contact and Paula was able to create that file.  It was suggested that we create an ad hoc committee to see how we should move forward.  Mary Lynn, Steve, John, Michael, Betsy, Kacy, Beth and Mark will be on the committee.  Mark said that the charge to the committee is to review the proposal and bring back recommendations back to exec.  The committee will interact with Paula to get any questions answered and bring back the results to the December exec meeting.

F)       OASFAA logo:

As Greg began working on the advertising brochures for College Goal Sunday he found that we have several different versions of the OASFAA logo. Randy has samples of all the different logos we have been using.  We currently have different logos for letterhead and the web site and Randy explained the uses of the different logos.  Randy suggested that we make the logo available in the electronic version.  We need to have more consistency in our logos.  We spent some time deciding which logo to use.  Mark proposed that we only have one logo that we use to be passed on to other presidents.  Mark said we have had action that a logo has been approved so we need to go back to the original decision that we made and only use the logo that has been approved.  Therefore, we need to go back and update the web.  There was a general discussion.  It was suggested that we take the logo with the larger points and put it on the one with the Ohio State on it.  Randy will take on the responsibility of updating the logo. 


Diane asked  about OASFAA envelopes when mailing letters to new members.  Mark commented that it was not worth the effort to print envelopes with the logo on it.  Mark suggested that you just use our own school envelopes.  He has updated the letterhead to include the updated representative information.  Todd would like a PDF file of the logo so folks can download it at their convenience.  Randy will put it in a variety of formats so we can have the ability to adapt.  By the December meeting we can talk about any other policies and guidelines we need to have.  Randy will research the pms tone.



Mark announced that he has been to the MASFAA planning meeting, an Outreach committee meeting and that Mary Lynn will be on the MASFAA board beginning on Monday.  Mark indicated that communication is a key and appreciates all that is being done.  Lots a positive things going on. 


An e-mail was sent by Melony about some missing table covers and we have confirmed that one has been accidentally thrown away.  What are our needs and how many do we have, do we have enough to get by.   Emily asked why the regional reps would need a table cover.  She thinks it seems that if we need to save money this is a place to do it.  Randy commented that it is nice to have them strategically positioned around the state.  Mark commented that the past president is officially charged with keeping charge of inventory.  We need to do an e-mail survey to see who has the table clothes.  Leigh Cameron has dug through the inventory at Great Lakes to see what we have.  Wendell will do a survey as to what we have out there.


II. Secretary’s Report                                                         Amy Baker


Mark commented that Roberts Rule of order says that we do not need to make a motion to pass the minutes.  One correction to the July minutes was to remove the work agenda at the top.  Approved as submitted.


III. Treasurer’s Report                                                                      Faith Phillips


Faith asked if everyone has been able to get into QuickBooks.  Betsy commented that she does not have a Bank One near her, so deposits are not happening on a regular basis.  If you have questions, let her know.  The Treasurer’s report was approved as submitted.


A form was created to allow a committee chair to get approval to make an expense that is over half of their budget.  Mark, Faith and Betsy will make corrections to the form and send to all exec.


IV. Regional Representatives Reports


A.)    Northeast                                                                      Emily Swain


The Northeast Region held its first meeting at the Alliance Career Center (a.k.a. “The Castle”) in Alliance.  Our topics included a presentation by Melony Ohalek on the Application and Delivery Systems Update and an Overview of NSLDS – Calculating Aggregate Loan Limits presented by Roger Eldridge.  Along with announcing future Regional Meeting, I announced Winter Conference, NASFAA Training, and CGS.  Thirty attendees were present at the meeting.


The second meeting is scheduled for October 29, 2004, and it will be held at Lorain County Community College.  I am currently working on topics and presenters for this session.  I anticipate the November meeting will include the ED Videoconference.  I also have meetings planned for March 10, 2005 along with a meeting at John-Carroll University on April 1st.


Discussion:  Waiting on the ED video conference date to be posted. Michael was asked about sponsorship and changing the date of a regional meeting.  Michael said we need to correspond with lender rep.


B.)     Northwest                                                                     Todd Matthews


Since the last meeting, I have organized the September 23 meeting at Terra in Fremont and completed the agenda. I have firmed up locations for the other meetings but the dates are not completely set. I am waiting for the Dept. O’ Ed. to set the videoconference for this fall before I set the Oct. and Nov. meeting dates.


I have a regional meeting planned for 9/23/04. I am waiting for the videoconference date to be sent for the October and November dates to be sent but they will be at BGSU Firelands for the videoconference and Owens for the other meeting in either October or November. We are having a regional meeting on 1/20/05 at Davis College and a meeting at BGSU on 2/24/05.


Discussion:  October 21st meeting has been added at Owens CC.  Greg pointed out that we have a new member in the NW with a new access program and he is  excited to have them on board.


C.)     Southeast                                                                      Phil Bovenizer


Dates for regional meetings are as follows:


                                September 24 –Methodist Theological School in Ohio

                                October 29

                                November 19 –Date is tentative (SFA Videoconference) Denison University

                                February 18

                                March 18


Will finalize October and November meetings when SFA Videoconference is set.


Finalize locations for 2005 meeting dates.


Need topics and presenters for Oct 29, Feb 18 and March 18 meetings.


I have topics but I need a list of possible presenters- does OASFAA have such a listing?  There is not such a listing per Mary Kay but she recommended that he put it on the list serv for ideas.


Discussion:  Summary of first meeting-met September 24th at METHESCO and sponsored by Key Bank.  Lawrence talked about Outreach with Alan Hook talking about Alternative loan issues.  Phil is in the process of talking with Mount Vernon about a meeting and Denison has agreed to host the videoconference.


D.)    Southwest                                                                     Jeff Daniels          

On September 20, 2004 the first Southwest regional meeting for the 04-05 year was held on the campus of University of Dayton.  The meeting was sponsored by EdAmerica.  There were 22 individuals in attendance (including presenters). 


The first presenter was Debra Monk, Associate Director for Residence Education at University of Dayton.  The topic was Diversity Education and focused on bias-related behaviors that may affect how we are perceived.  In addition there was discussion on covert messages that we may send unintentionally.  The session involved much audience participation that seemed beneficial to all in attendance.  The response was very positive and led to further discussion after the session was completed.


The second presenter was Chuck Knepfle, Director of Student Financial Assistance at Miami University-Oxford who covered Financial Aid Updates.  He touched on various upcoming events such as College Goal Sunday and counselor workshops.  He also provided information concerning state updates as well as FAFSA updates for the 2005-06 processing year.  Chuck also mentioned the importance and benefit of directing families to the OASFAA web site and the Department of Education’s web site for students, parents, and counselors where they can find valuable and timely information.


I had planned to hold the second regional meeting for 04-05 in late October at Wright State University with the main topic being the U.S. Department of Education’s Video Conference.  Unfortunately I have just learned that the Video Conference will take place on November 18, 2004 which conflicts with my schedule.  I will still attempt to hold the next meeting in late October or early November but must now find topics for the meeting.


The dates for the remaining meetings have been set and will take place in February, March and April of 2005.  Topics and locations for the meetings are still to be determined.  Some topics that have been suggested are: improving customer service, team building, loan consolidation, identity theft, paperless environments, and satisfactory academic progress.


Discussion:  Still waiting on videoconference date.  He called Jamie Malone and she indicated that the date may be Nov 9th.


V. Executive Committee Reports


A.)    VP for Training                                                             Randy Ulses        

1.)      Support Professional Committee

Ann Marie Gruber and Kathy John have set Nov 18th and 19th as workshop dates. The sites will be Lakeland CC, Ohio Northern, COTC/OSU, and Cedarville University.  Committee Members are Melissa Amspaugh (Lakeland CC), Leigh Cameron (Bank One), Racquel Gamble (University of Dayton), Kim Jeffers (SunTrust), and Michiale Schneider (Chase). A conference call will be held on October 8th to discuss possible topics. . 


2.)      Need Analysis


The Need Analysis Committee met twice since the last executive committee meeting.  We have approximately 10 members.  (a good mix of returning members and new members)


We have our 4 sessions at conference planned.   We will have a session on the History of Need Analysis with a mix Federal Updates.  This will be presented in a game show format.  We also have 2 sessions planned for hand calculations.  (One for new professionals, one for “seasoned” professionals)  We will cap off the conference with a basic verification session.  All presenters have been finalized.


We also have dates for our regional drive-in trainings set.  We have 2 locations booked.  We are still working on the other two locations.  They are as follows:


January 28, 2005:


Southeast:             Central Ohio Technical College

Northwest:            Bluffton University


February 4, 2005:


Southwest:            TBA

Northeast:             Baldwin Wallace College


Once we have the final 2 locations booked, we will post these dates on the OASFAA calendar.  We will be meeting again on October 22 to iron out our final details.


3.)      NASFAA Training

Jennifer Penick (Wright State) and Leah Stewart (Union Institute & University) are this year's trainers. The training will be held in DC for trainers September 19 & 20. The training topic is "Loan Issues" covering borrower eligibility, loan limits, loan periods and frequency of borrowing, disbursement issues, and master promissory notes. Training will occur Thursday and Friday of Winter Conference as well as a one-day drive-in date to be determined. 125 material packets ordered; cost will be $51 per packet.

He is looking at having the drive in prior to the conference-possibly in November in Columbus.  The conference training will take place over two days rather than one.  The topic is student loan issues.  Randy will be working with Beth –you can buy the packet through the conference even for the November training.

4.)      Outreach Committee


The Outreach Committee held its first meeting on August 17th.   The meeting notes have not yet been reviewed or posted to the web (please accept my apologies).   The focus of that meeting was primarily to take a look at the “event calendar” for the year.  Summarizing the various activities that we would once again be involved in.


The activity that required the most attention at the meeting was the OACAC Articulation events that were held the week of September 13th.


I am happy to say that the committee has successfully participated in these events once again. We represented OASFAA at a presentation on financial aid updates for one of the program breakout sessions and also participated in the “college fair” for all event attendees.  Many High School Counselors and Access Program counselors were able to pick up vital information and handouts for the families that they interact with.


At this time I would like to extend our thanks to those individuals who assisted with this effort (these are listed in order based on the sites where they participated:  thanks to …..  Leigh Cameron, Sandy Gilbert, Peggy Schuning, Randy Ulses (a “honorary” member) Lawrence Matthews, Dawn Adams, Amber Gump, Marci Muckleroy, Misty Amacher, MorraLee Holzapfel and Faith Phillips (another “honorary” member)


The next endeavor undertaken by the Committee was a more in-depth update at the initial Fall OASFAA Regional Meetings.  The meetings were held the week of 9/20/04.  The presentations at three of the meetings were by Outreach Committee members.  However a special thanks to was extended to  Chuck Knepfle, Director of Student Financial Assistance at Miami University who as a “honorary” Committee member assisted us out in our hour of need by agreeing to present the information prepared by Lawrence Matthews at the SW Regional Meeting.  The presentation was compiled from information distributed by NASFAA at the summer conference.


The next events are the Honda Plant Outreach Activities.  The format for these days basically is a “college fair” setup for the employees at the plant to get information about Higher Education. Our role of course is to provide information regarding financial aid. 

By the time of the executive meeting two of the three events will have been completed. The last day is next Wednesday the 13th at the Anna Plant.  However, at the time of this writing no events had yet occurred to report on.


The next Outreach Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 14th in Columbus at OhioLink “The Ohio Library and Information Network offices. 


The focus of that meeting will be the Fall Counselor Workshops which will be held at 10 sites across the state this year from November 30th through December 3rd.


Preparations for this event have already begun.  We have finalized the postcard which will be mailed to HS Counselors and Access Program contacts.  For the first time we will be utilizing addresses obtained through a Department of Education web site for the High School contact information.  The total count is a little lower than what we have mailed in the past however there has always been some concern with the accuracy of the mailing list that we had obtained in the past.  We all know how tough it is to keep these types of things 100% accurate with all the changes.  Also the list is by school rather than individual counselor.  We will make the sites aware of this and request that they monitor and unusual contact, questions or comments by counselors who may have not received the mailings this year when they have in the past.


We are reviewing the information that is part of the second follow-up mailing to the attendees.  We have had conversations with the CGS folks so that we can include their information in our mailings.  We are also reviewing information sent to the site coordinators in mid October before registration goes live on October 19th.


Discussion:  Do we want to look at a different source for labels?  In the past we have used OWU admission database.  The flaw is that only for HS with which they work very closely is there a contact name.  Plus they do not update the information and there are inconstancies.  It is possible that with staffing changes etc, we may lose access to the OWU database.  Sandy and Melony have accessed the state DOE database to send information with a generic heading of “Guidance Office”.  A discussion occurred as to what to do in the future.  We will see how attendance looks this year and explore other options as needed.

Mel had a question about OCAN conference in spring and Kim said it is just a professional development workshop but mentioned about doing a presentation. Sandy commented that we need volunteers for the guidance counselor workshop.


5.)      College Goal Sunday Committee

All but a few sites have been confirmed for 200.  Information about locations, date, etc. was shared at Articulation workshops by the outreach committee.  Greg has created and forwarded a “partnership” plan to the Browns and currently working with Kent State’s design department to create publications used throughout the year to promote CGS.  In addition, coordinating mailing and information to Guidance Counselors through Outreach’s Guidance Counselor Workshops


CGS will assist Outreach in staffing the OASFAA table during the OCAN conferenceCommittee is planning meeting for 10/12 at GLHEC. Meeting will be for site chairs and others interested in serving on committee.  We are in the process of creating a PowerPoint presentation for Guidance Counselor Workshops.


Discussion: Greg has done a lot of the PR work and all but 4 sites have been secured with the University of Akron deciding not to participate.  Greg has made a contact to a design group at Kent State University that will do our public relations work.  They are making a very detailed plan as to how they are going to get the word out.  I Know I Can will be participating and will be listing two of their High schools as part of our sites.  Faith asked if their guidance counselors could hand out fliers as they go out to high schools.  Claudia indicated that it was fine as long as we use the correct logos.  Once Kent State has designed the plan, it will go out to the web site so everyone can view.  We do have a College Goal Sunday web site where people register and volunteer.  Division Street owned the web site and purchased on behalf of OASFAA.  Division Street doesn’t feel it is appropriate for them to own the web site so it is in the process of being turned over to OASFAA and Claudia and Greg will be working with Paula on getting that developed and updated.  They are having a planning meeting at the end of October with the only concern being a conflict with MASFAA.  Watch for an e-mail.  Greg added a comment to ask the regional reps to plan an activity to promote the event.  Randy commented that the counselors are recognizing the event and pushing the program.  He questions whether we are doing enough to promote it through the organization.  We need to emphasize the importance of advertising and promoting the event.  Claudia mentioned that sites are actually reduced from last year.


B.)     VP for Conferences                                                      Cheryl Willard


The Conference Planning Committee met at BW on September 14 to discuss plans for the upcoming Winter Conference to be held at the Holiday Inn Columbus/Worthington from December 8 – 10.  A complete list of conference committee members will appear in the conference program.

Information regarding the conference agenda on the OASFAA web site has been sent via e-mail to the membership as of September 27.   Conference theme is “Making a Difference in the Student’s World”.

Conference registration, hotel reservation information, and sponsorship details and registration will be available on-line beginning October 11.

Full conference registration fee   $125

One day registration fee     $70

Hotel room rate @ night      $85


In addition to planning Winter Conference, a site visit has been scheduled for October 8, 2004.  At this time, Cheryl Willard, Mary Lynn Perri and Claudia Wenzel will meet with hotel staff at Kings Island Resort in Cincinnati, to discuss a contract for Spring Conference, 2007.  A tentative contract has been offered by Crowne Plaza, Dayton for Spring, 2007, if Kings Island cannot provide adequate meeting space.


Update; they will be going live with the site next week.  Cheryl mentioned about NSFAA training and changing from a one day to a two day.  In doing research, it does not look like it will affect too many people.  Betsy commented that they purchase one set of materials, but they still have people come down for one day that have not purchased materials.  This could affect people coming to conference for one day.  Randy commented that the presenters did not think they could do all the sessions in one day.   Mickie is still looking for more volunteers to loan LCD projectors for conference. 


1.)      Corporate Development


General Sponsorship: $12600 committed/ $4750 paid

Of note, most of the training opportunities were sponsored quickly, only SE Support Professional and SW Support Professional are still available.  Also, we only have 1 sponsor for the Gazette and 2 sponsors for the Membership Directory and College Goal Sunday. We will be doing a follow-up solicitation soon.


Outstanding 03-04 Sponsorship: We have $2090 outstanding still $1000 from the spring conference and $1090 from the General Fund Campaign. Follow-up is on-going with the two sponsors involved.


Winter Conference Sponsorship: we are working with ATAC on the details currently and hope to be live by the October 11 target date. We are seeking about the same amount of sponsorship and exhibitors as we did last spring. We will be raising the exhibit fee by $50 to $400. We decided that the potential for individual members to Ohio Ethics concerns is a personal/individual one and we will not raise it with our exhibitors for now. We will also be pursuing credit card payment with ATAC and will report back the costs and timing as soon as we know more.


Comments:  Money is coming in very well.  Steve and Michael are working on going live with sponsorship information for conference.  They asked if regional reps could copy them on information from regional meetings.


2.)      Professional Development


        Finalized the presenters of the professional development sessions to be offered at conference


        The sessions to be presented will be:

Create your own job satisfaction – Patrick Donadio, certified speaking professional

Empower yourself to success – Patrick Donadio

Leadership – Believing You Make a Difference! – Texas Guarantee Student Loan Corp.

Leadership Class Reunion – A Year in Review, Moving Forward – Professional Development Committee


Updated list of Professional Development Committee Members

1.        Angela Davis-Haynes, AEC Southern Ohio College

2.        John Hammond, National City Bank

3.        Kim Jeffers, SunTrust

4.        Troy Lum, University of Dayton

5.        Michael Jones, University of Northwestern Ohio

6.        Frances Robbins, The Ohio State University

7.        Tamara Jones, Ohio Business College

8.        Jennifer Minyo, Columbus State Community College                  

9.        Becky Moore, College Loan Corp.


In the preparation stages for the Winter Conference are the following:

§         Meeting with committee planned for October 1

§         Invite past leadership classes to the new member session; To be coordinated with  New Member/Mentor Program committee

§         Plan activities for the brainstorming session planned at the Leadership Class session at conference

§         Organize the day for the Leadership Class reunion which will take place on Friday at conference

§         Plan the Spring Drive-In Leadership workshops; Purpose to collect feedback from the classes, promote the upcoming leadership nominations and allow the leadership class to give presentations on what they have learned from the leadership track that has helped them as a professional


Change spring drive in workshop but instead of doing a drive in they would like to coordinate with the regional reps to do something in the regions.


3.)      Conference

a.)      Site


                        Will be meeting or talking with Gail to discuss our responsibilities at conference.


                                Will be contacting people to find out who can donate laptops and LCDs.


b.)     Program


3,000 Folders were ordered and received for the Outreach Committee and Winter/Spring Conferences.   48HourPrint.com online provided a very reasonable price of $1500.00 plus a $5.00 pick up charge in Cleveland. 


 Melony Ohalek took 1400 for Outreach and the remainders are in my office waiting for         conference(s).


In the midst of creating conference reminder postcards that are mailed to members in mid October. 


Creating the program for Winter conference as information is received from our moderators and advertising committee.


Also, they are creating an electronic version of all sessions, descriptions and other pertinent information to be uploaded to our members as quick as it is finalized. 


c.)      Entertainment


The Entertainment Committee met & discussed numerous ideas for winter conference 2004.   Selected “Down on the Boardwalk” and will go with a carnival theme.  We also thought it would be nice to feature a student organization (for music, clowns, etc) and provide a small honorarium ($200-$250).    Committee members include the co-chairs, Suzanne Fahrer (BGSU) and Jiv Subramaniam (ONU).  The charity drive this year will be books for Children’s Hospital.  Katie Bontrager (USA Funds) indicated she may have a contact person as well as a contact for “Scholastic”, a company that sells children’s books & may be interested in making themselves available at the hotel for those who wish to purchase books.  There was also a discussion (at the Conference Committee) about helping a local charity at each conference.


Our next meeting is scheduled for October 13th.  We will finalize the company that will be performing the duties for the carnival, what decorations may be needed, prizes, etc.  We will also contact Children’s Hospital, Scholastic & provide a flyer that will be sent to the membership prior to conference.


d.)     New Member/Mentor 


Putting together a committee for the new member ship session for winter conference.  Sent out letters to the 14 new members and started a mini committee for the new member session at winter conference.  Also, looking at activities for the new member session.        


C.)     President-Elect                                                             Mary Lynn Perri

1.)      Nominations Committee- no report

2.)      Finance Committee- no report

3.)      Research- no report

4.)      College Goal Sunday Corporate Development

The CGS Corporate Development Committee met at North Central State College on Wednesday, September 22.  Besides co-chairs Fahrer and Divers, Denesa Wood from our committee attended, along with OASFAA President Mark Bandre, and CGS Committee Co-Chairs Claudia Wenzel and Greg Guzman.  The decision was made to secure a generic grant form in preparation for more specific forms from various companies.


 Another meeting will be scheduled with the committee to discuss the direction we take with a                         specific “ask” for different companies and organizations.  There is an interest in pursuing some type of support from the Browns organization, though we don’t yet know what kind of support that will be. 


We have identified 25-30 companies to contact for sponsorship and looking at the committee                                  members.  They have a plan and they hope to get rolling on that soon.  Mary Kay pointed out that we need to invite these people to a site to see what it is all about


D.)    Past President                                                               Wendell Schick

1)       Association Governance Planning


The committee reviewed current policy for complimentary registrations and hotel rooms for Conferences.  Committee members (Michele Wade, Mary Kay Freshour, Ginny Biada, MorraLee Holzapfel and John Brown) did not come to consensus for a policy change. 


                                Mary Kay (MK) presented the issues as to the Executive Committee for discussion.

                                Pending the outcome of the discussion a possible vote for policy change could occur.


Discussion: MK said that the committee met by e-mail and were not able to come up with a good consensus on the policy.  Looking at the complimentary registrations for conference, the committee came to an agreement that the president, president elect and Vice President for Conference would receive both hotel and conference registration The committee is looking for guidance regarding the other positions for registration and hotel coverage for conferences.  For conference they are looking at registration chair, site chair, program chair, treasurer and both VP for conference and VP for training for the spring training.  Cheryl has asked that we do not change this policy for the current year, but look at making the change for the next year.  She added that depending on what hotel we are at, it depends on how many compensated rooms we receive.  She suggested that we determine an order of importance for such instances and also look at having people share rooms.  MK added that there may also be presenters that need a room.  Betsy added that in the future we look at our policy for inviting back certain individuals for special events and what we are going to do in regards to compensating their rooms.  Betsy is asking that we build this into the P & P.  Cheryl added that the leadership committee paid for the rooms for the leadership class.  Claudia mentioned the difference between people that are on call and need to be at conference and someone who is not.  We need to look at these differences.  Randy echoed much of what Claudia said but added “take in consideration how much we expect these people to be at conference”.  Faith added that the president can use professional judgment to adjust as needed.  Mark has asked that that Mary Kay take this information back to the committee and make recommendations to put a new policy in place.



2.)      Membership

a.)      Communication

The first issue of the Gazette has been completed & sent to ATAC.  We’re confirming sponsorship /banners before we post to the web.  We will have 3 more issues of the Gazette this year and hope to include photos in each issue as well as student success stories and are encouraging more members to submit articles.  For the OASFAA web site, there is a “forms” section.  Can we consider putting the Exec Committee Report form, Reimbursement form, etc online under that section?  That would make them accessible to those who need them.  Mark commented that he has e-mailed the form to all committee members, but he will work with ATAC to get some of the forms on-line.


b.)     Membership Support


Current number of members as of October 5th is 761.


Reminder to Regional Reps:  Please submit list of attendees at regional meetings to Kacy so she can see how many are not current members of OASFAA and send them information about OASFAA.


A review of all attendees at the regional meetings was done.  A total of 85 people attended the regional meetings.  Of that number, 7 people were not members of OASFAA.  A follow up will be sent to those people shortly explaining the benefits of being an OASFAA member.


Mark has one action item for Kacy to do a survey of any people who have retired.  He will be recognizing people at conference at conference for years of service.


3.)      Regulatory Committee


·         8/11/04   Forwarded e-mail to OASFAA-L from Delores Hawkins, MASFAA.  Following is content:

 Feedback Sought

 Kathleen A. Smith, Professional Staff Member, Committee on Education and the Workforce has requested feedback from our Association on Direct Lending (DL) and Family Education Loan Programs (FFELP) concerns. Ms. Smith is a senior staff member for Representative John Boehner.   Ms. Smith would like the membership to contact her with your thoughts on whether you would like DL and FFELP to continue to run as they are or change. Ms. Smith wants to get a read on whether the programs should continue as is, i.e. institutional choice—however with borrowers being treated equally in both. Please note that H.R. 4283 reauthorized both DL and FFELP and provided the same benefits to borrowers regardless of what program they participate in.

 Please contact Ms. Smith at Kathleen.Smith@mail.house.gov with your thoughts on DL, FFELP or both. The information you provide Ms. Smith will be helpful to her when she visits with colleagues (on the Hill) concerning DL and FFELP related issues.

·         8/23/04   Teleconference today with David Miller & Stephanie Sutton.  Finalized direction of Committee.  Will work with the Committee chairs and provide guidance as needed.  Will also keep OASFAA membership apprised of anything pertinent or appropriate that crosses our radar.


·         9/2/04   Sent message to OASFAAL to review “A Proposal to Revise Ohio’s Need Based Financial Aid Programs”  See Appendix A.

·         9/7/04   Forwarded message from Charles Shahid to HEI Liaisons on OIG Deadline to OASFAAL:

Please be aware that the Ohio Instructional Grant (OIG) deadline of October 1 printed on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form will be enforced for the 2004-2005 academic year.

If anyone should have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

The committee is currently working on Winter Conference Sessions to include:  State Update, Conflicting Information, and IMA/NSLDS to represent Regulatory Issues Committee.

David and Stephanie have gotten together to get a direction for the committee.  Amy asked if we could go back to OBR to keep the web site updated.  Wendell commented that it goes further than that.  Wendell pointed out the need to be positive about the issues we have with OBR.  He will have Stephanie send correspondence to the listserv about issues that they have and she can submit to Charles.               Randy asked that this be done in preparation for the state update at winter conference.  Betsy added that OBR has not been members of OASFAA.  Charles is currently not a member.  Do we need to be doing outreach to OBR as well? 

a.)      State Issues-no report

b.)     Federal Issues-no report

c.)      Reauthorization Issues- no report                            


VI. Liaison Reports


A.)    OBR                                                                                Charles Shahid

No report


B.)     Great Lakes                                                                   Dave Bowman

The conference room will be available on the 18th of October.  Lee Harrell has been hired at Great Lakes, so that gives OASFAA five contacts for the state.  Lee will be in the western part of the state with John Brown in the eastern part of the state.  The commitment by Great Lakes is very strong

C.)     OCAN                                                                            Kim Kiely                                                                              

Kim thanked us for including her, and thanks for the presentation at the OCAN conference.  She wants to continue the partnership with OASFAA.

VII. Old Business


VIII. New Business 


Next Meeting – December 8,  2004 –  9:30 AM to 11:30 AM – Holiday Inn Worthington


The meeting was adjourned   2:50