OASFAA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

GLHEC, Columbus, Ohio

March 17, 2005



Amy Baker                           

Mark Bandré

Phil Bovenizer

Dave Bowman*

Marc Brenner*

John Brown

Diane Burnham*

Beth Casper
Jeff Daniels*

Deb Divers*

Kacy Duling*

Steve England*

Suzanne Fahrer

Mary Kay Freshour

Sandy Gilbert

Ann Marie Gruber*

Greg Guzman*

Lee Harrell

Gail Houtz*

Kathy John*

Angela Johnson

Betsy Johnson

Michael Jones*

Susan Kannenwischer*

Val Kepner*

Chuck Knepfle*

Scott Lehman*

Todd Matthews

Tasha McDaniel*

David Miller*

Lisa Mitchell*

Kim Nash-Yore

Melony Ohalek

Mayme Patthoff*

Mary Lynn Perri

Faith Phillips

Wendell Schick

Michiale Schneider

Charles Shahid

Pam Stimpert*

Stephanie Sutton

Emily Swain

Lee Ann Timmerman

Randy Ulses

Michele Wade

Mickie Waterman*

Claudia Wenzel

Cheryl Willard*





I.  Announcements and Opening Business                                    Mark Bandré

A)    ATAC web site up-grade process

Committed to upgrade and have started the process, upgrades are on schedule.


                B)   Financial aid awareness month certificate

January was declared Financial Aid awareness month and we received a certificate but there was a typo that said the date as January 2004 instead of 2005.  Stephanie will follow up on getting a new certificate.


C)      Lumina Foundation grant update

We originally applied to them for a $200,000 grant.  Tally Hart understood that after the initial grant was fully disbursed, they would let us know that we could apply for up to three additional $25,000 grants.  Tally went ahead and applied for the first of these three potential additional grants, even without their letter.  About that time NASFAA become involved with the CGS process and hired a person (Marcia Weston) to promote CGS activities.  Marcia called Mark and asked for more detail on why we wanted the additional funds.  Mark wrote a formal letter indicating that we hope to use these funds to replace the reserves that were spent during the 2004 CGS process.  They wrote back for additional statements which Faith and Mark were able to provide. The end result is that OASFAA was officially given the first $25,000 additional CGS grant.  The check will clearly go toward our reserves.  Mary Lynn and the 2005-2006 executive committee will decide if we will apply for the second grant next year.  Sometime between now and July 1st we need to send in our year end report.  Jeanna Keller, our contact at the Lumina Foundation, has informed Mark that we can use the unspent portion of the third original grant disbursement towards CGS 2006 and beyond.  Our efforts at CGS Corporate Development continue, but after the entire $200,000 and any potential proceeds from the second and third additional grant processes are spent, we will be on our own.


D)      OASFAA logo project update – Randy Ulses

Randy passed out samples of logos for us to review.  He has all of them available in eps format and can be downloaded from the web site.  We can also add the College Goal Sunday logo on the site for download as well.   After some discussion, exec came to an official conclusion on which of Randy’s logo options should be adopted and for what purposes.  You would have to be an active member to have access to the logos.  Randy recommends putting all the logos out on the web site so people have options and they are not tempted to make up their own.  Wendell thought there should be more standardization for different avenues of presenting the logo.  The idea was thrown out that we have instructions in using the logo.  Mark suggests that between now and the next transition that Randy and Mary Lynn come up with a protocol of when to use each logo.  Mark thanked Randy for this extra work.  Wendell asked if the P and P should be updated.  It was decided that it would be added as an addendum to the P and P. 


E)       Outreach/OCAN/LEAF yearly survey

Survey took so long because OCAN become more involved and it took longer to get it done.  Mark is asking how to move forward.  Melony said that in the past LEAF has always done the survey and last year, with the continued influence and impact of OCAN,  was the first year that we had OCAN do it.  LEAF wanted to make the version online and it would be enhance through OCAN.  The version is online and interactive and they pull the paper version from the online.  OCAN is still willing to do conduct the yearly survey because we want to keep the interactive version up and running.  Wendell said that when OCAN originally requested the information, school officials did not know who OCAN was and the way it was presented was offensive to some private colleges.  They have cleaned up their request for information.  There were also some input challenges as well.  The survey was used at College Goal Sunday.  But it is a timing issue as the survey is a year behind.  Mark asked if Sandy and Melony would be willing to work with Mayme Patthoff, David Swedlow and others at OCAN to help them move forward with this important project.  Mark stressed the importance of the project while also being clear that Outreach should not be saddled with it on top of all their other duties.  Serving as facilitators and cheerleaders should be sufficient in this instance.


                G)   OASFAA list serv protocol and web site links

As an impetus for this discussion Lee Tarricone properly asked Mark if OASFAA would put a link on the web site and make an announcement on the list serv for a new tool his company has available.  Mark told him that we have only had federal and state links on the web site in order to avoid any conflict of interest amongst different lenders.  Likewise, the list serv is not to be used for advertising purposes of any sort - only for official financial aid and OASFAA business.  While all agree with this sentiment, neither of these things is in writing or part of the association policies and procedures manual.  In short, we need to come up with a list serv protocol.  Mark would like to appoint a committee to research and come up with a policy.  Michiale would also like to include the Gazette in that discussion.  John asked that the training calendar be included in that as well. After some discussion Mark asked Betsy to chair this ad hoc committee and included Michiale, Michele and John.  They will discuss the web site, training calendar, Gazette and the list serv and will attempt to bring recommendations to the next exec meeting.


II. Secretary’s Report                                                                         Amy Baker

The January conference call minutes were presented with the only correction being a few attendance changes.  Mark mentioned that some adjustments were made to the web site in adding previous conference business meeting minutes to the non-password protected “About OASFAA” section.  He plans, at the spring conference, to remind members that they have access to all exec committee meeting minutes under the “committees” section of the web site.


III. Treasurer’s Report                                                                      Faith Phillips

The transfer to savings as planned in the yearly budget did occur.  Tax return is done, signed, sent and paid.  Faith and Betsy will review the return and determine if we need to use a tax preparer in the future and to see if there were any errors from previous years.


IV. Regional Representatives Reports


A.)    Northeast                                                                      Emily Swain


Members participated at various College Goal Sunday sites.  There hasn’t been any other activity since the last Executive Committee Meeting in January.


The next Northeast Regional Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 10th.   We will be meeting at the Akron Zoo in the Nature’s View Room.  I'm excited about the location because it's that time of year where we just need “one day out of the office to get us through," and our program is packed with exciting things!  Our presenters are working hard at preparing clear presentations for our benefit.  Registration will begin at 9am.  Parking and admission to the Akron Zoo are FREE for this day, and the zoo is open until 4pm which means you can stay after the meeting and enjoy the animals.  Dress for the day is CASUAL.

Topics for the day include:

*Lender Evaluation - Evaluating Your Preferred Lender List
*Consortium Agreements
*Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission Update
*Constructing A Training Program For Your Office


Thanks to EdAmerica for the sponsorship of this event.


I also have a meeting planned for Friday, April 1st at John Carroll University.  Angela Johnson will present an overview of the Leadership Class information for 2005.  In addition, there will be a presentation on Identity Theft, “Believing You Make A Difference in a Student’s World,” and “Conflict Management.”  We will also spend this time “wrapping up” the year as we anticipate 2005-2006.


Updates:  Next meeting is April 1st at John Carroll. Emily said that she made up a checklist of things to do for a meeting and she would like to know to do about the additional responsibilities that have been added to the regional reps.  She has asked if the committee chairs could come up with a similar checklist for the future reps.  She is willing to take on this responsibility and Mark has asked her to communicate with some of the key people who rely on the regional reps to promote activities.  An excellent idea for a tool that will be very valuable to future regional reps!


B.)     Northwest                                                                     Todd Matthews


Since the last meeting we held the fifth and final regional workshop. The last meeting was held February 24 at BGSU. The agenda for the day was as follows:

9:30 Registration and continental breakfast.


10:00 Charles Cuthbertson of BGSU will present "The Face on Mars: Going Beneath the Surface".


11:00 Curt Mormon, the NW Assistant Area Manager for Ohio Rehabilitation Services, will discuss planned changes on how prospective and current college students with disabilities will be funded by his organization.


12:00 Lunch


1:00  Carmen Sears - Edwards from the Professional Development Committee will discuss the leadership program of OASFAA.



At this point all the regional meetings are completed and I just plan on sending out updates about spring conference and any other items that come up.


C.)     Southeast                                                                      Phil Bovenizer


Since the last exec meeting we had a regional meeting Feb 18th at Ohio Dominican University.  Thanks to our sponsor, Monica Miller with EdAmerica, for conducting a great icebreaker!  Darron Grussendorf from TG presented “Leadership: Believing you make a Difference” as well as “Dealing with Difficult Students”.  Based on evaluations from the twenty attendees Darron was a big hit!  We conclude the meeting with a presentation by Curt Morman from the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission.  He shared some very important changes that will impact our students effective with the 2005-06 academic year. 

Thanks to Cindy Hahn and all the ODU folks for hosting and providing great morning refreshments as well as a nice box lunch.


Final SE Regional meeting will be March 18 at Otterbein College.  Sean Monk with ASA is presenting a session on web site development, organization and evaluation.  We are inviting attendees to let Shawn critique their web sites if they like.  Sean will also share his web content manager that allows you to publish a site with almost no training.  Jennifer Minyo will share a presentation after lunch from the Professional Developments Committee-Leadership program and nomination process.  We conclude with Misty Amacher covering material she teaches in class talking about Financial Aid, student loans, budgeting, credit cards and credit reports.  This should be very practical information attendees can talk back to their campus and share with their students!


I am interested in hearing comments from College Goal Sunday folks and sharing my experience at Westerville North High School.


                                Can you give me any Spring conference planning updates?

                Updates:  Last meeting is tomorrow at Otterbein. 

D.)    Southwest                                                                     Jeff Daniels

No report – Emily mentioned that she had been in contact with Jeff recently and understands that, despite all the obstacles he has faced this year, he does still intend to complete all five SW regional meetings.  Mark asked Emily to tell him that we all appreciate his dedication but do very much recognize the challenges that have impacted his year. 



V. Executive Committee Reports


A.)    VP for Training                                                             Randy Ulses        

1.)      Support Professional Committee


The first flyer went out 3/1/05 requesting nominations for the Support

Professional of the Year Award.  The second reminder will go out around 3/15/05 and the last reminder will go out around 3/29/05 with an April 1 deadline.


Selection of recipient for the Support Professional of the Year award.

Presentation of award at Spring Conference.


2.)      Need Analysis


The Need Analysis Committee just wrapped up four successful regional Need Analysis Workshops.  The reviews were all positive.  The most popular session was the hand calculations session.  It was especially helpful to the OCAN people that attended.


The History of Need Analysis and Updates are usually the least favorite topic.  However, we saw some positive comments like “A fun way to present a boring topic.”  Although I don’t agree that it is a boring topic, it can be a difficult to present.  


This year, we invited the OCAN group to our workshops.  We did see a small number of them at all the meetings except one.  They were very appreciative of the invitation.  We also tried to invite OACAC, but we had some technical difficulties in getting them invited.  We will work on that for next year.


Below are the numbers from the workshops:


                                                Bluffton University:                                                                 18

                                                Baldwin Wallace College:                                                         18

                                                Central Ohio Technical College-Newark:                                 9

Wright State University:                                                          26

                                                Total:                                                                                      71


On behalf of the Need Analysis Committee, I would like to thank the following people for their assistance at their respective sites.  They did an outstanding job making sure that everything was set up for us - (food, equipment, etc.).  Without their help, the workshops would not have been a success.


                                Bluffton University:                                                 Lawrence Matthews

                                Baldwin Wallace College:                                         Jason Florack (Committee member)

                                COTC-Newark:                                                        Faith Phillips

                                Wright State University:                                          Jennifer Penick


I would also like to formally thank the staff at Franklin University, especially Jennifer Gates, for making sure we had a place to meet once a month in the fall with coffee already there.  The Need Analysis Committee certainly appreciates your support.


Finally, the committee has no other plans for this year.


3.)      NASFAA Training

·          NASFAA Training held January 14, 2005

·          43 in attendance

·          Outstanding work by Leah Stewart, The Union Institute & University, and Jennifer Penick, Wright State University

·          Appreciation for site hosting by Carol Graham, Mt Carmel College of Nursing

·          19 remaining training packets to be offered for sale via OASFAA list serv

·          Soliciting possible trainers for next year


4.)      Outreach Committee

OCAN Professional Development Training January 25, 2005-attended by Lawrence Matthews and Tina Coulter.  Based on their input this was a success.


Upcoming- Interest session at the TRIO Professional conference “TRIO 2005:  Bridging the Past to the Future”  April 25th and 26th.


Final meeting for the 04-05 academic year will be April 7th here at Great Lakes.  At the next executive meeting should have recommendations for the 05-06 from the committee members in attendance?


a.)      Stakeholder Relations & Training

1.        Articulation

2.        School Counselor

3.        Access Groups

4.        Others


5.)      Early Awareness Committee


Last meeting was February 3.  The committee reviewed the revised mission statement, action items and timeline for the Early Awareness Program.  We also agreed on a program theme “Are You Getting The Message?”  We decided on the topics and delegated the content of each topic to committee members.  It was also decided that we would present the Early Awareness Program at Spring Conference.  One of the committee members was responsible for contacting the Spring Conference Committee to let them know.


Next meeting is March 9th.  The committee members will review and continue to work on the program content.


6)       College Goal Sunday Committee

College Goal Sunday was held on February 13th at 34 sites. The numbers were very good with over 2300 people in attendance almost the same number as last year. On March 4th, site coordinators gathered to discuss this year’s event and to make suggestions for next year. We are also in the process of compiling the family evaluations and the volunteer surveys. A full report will be made at spring conference.


Claudia was concerned about the lack of involvement from the financial aid community.  Greg has some thoughts about promoting involvement next year.  Claudia thinks there is lot of room for improvement.  We will continue to grow in its success.  At this point, Claudia and Greg are tallying the surveys to be able to send a report to Lumina.  Her hope is that we are able to start the process even earlier.  The question was asked on how many sites had computer access.  Claudia thought about 75% of the sites had computer access.  The suggestion was made that we should do some training prior to the session.  Angela suggested having a floater list of people willing to move locations.


B.)     VP for Conferences                                                      Cheryl Willard

1.)      Corporate Development

                General Sponsorship: Currently we have a total of $19,300 committed and $19,050 paid.


                                Conference Sponsorship: $44,300 committed and $44,700 paid.  (As of March, 2005, an

                                Overpayment was made and the sponsor told the Association we may keep it.)


We are continuing to follow-up with outstanding general and conference sponsorship items that are past 30 days old.


                                Getting sponsorship details ironed out and ready for ATAC to put on the web site.


2.)      Professional Development


The Professional Development Committee has had two meetings since the last Executive Committee meeting in preparation for Spring initiatives, which are Spring Conference sessions, Leadership Promotions, Mentoring Program collaboration with New Member/Mentor Program Committee and Committees Fair.


Leadership 2005-2006 Promotion is underway at all the regional meetings.  To date, we have completed one meeting and have one scheduled for the coming week.

o         Northwest – Bowling Green State University, Feb. 24 – Carmen Sears-Edwards

o         Southeast – Otterbein College, March 18 – Jennifer Minyo

o         Northeast – John Carroll University – April 1 – Angela Johnson

o         Southwest – TBA, April 14 (tentative) – Kim Jeffers

                                Professional Development Committee as three sessions planned for Spring Conference.

§          Mentoring – The Power of One

o         Wednesday, May 18, 2005; 3:45pm

o         Presenter: Troy Lum, University of Dayton

o         Description: The impact of a mentoring relationship may be immeasurable but building these relationships can be a useful tool in your toolkit.  Mentoring may be the best kept secret to enhancing your professional career.  Learn valuable tips to becoming a mentor or mentoring a colleague.  Also, hear enriching stories from esteemed financial aid colleagues on how mentoring has impacted their personal and professional lives.

o         Professional Development Committee will work in tandem with the New Member/Mentor Program Committee to make mentor/mentee matches and connections prior to Spring Conference

o         Following this session the Professional Development Committee would like to make recommendations for the continued success of the OASFAA Mentoring Program.

o         Mentoring participants and New Members will be invited to attend the President’s Reception on Wednesday, May 18, 2005


§          Civility – College Loan Corp.

o         Thursday, May 19, 2005; 10:15am

o         Description in progress.


§          Ethics for Everyone – Texas Guarantee

o         Thursday, May 19, 2005; 3:30pm

o         Description: You read about it in the papers and you hear about it on the evening news. The "it" is ETHICS and it has quickly become today's most critical business concern. This presentation will help provide participants with the tools to know what is right, do what is right, manage competing rights, and know that everything they do counts toward their ethical behavior


                Committees Fair

o         After much discussion at the Leadership Class Reunion, the Professional Development Committee has taken the task of hosting a Committees Fair to be a regular part of Spring Conferences to promote volunteerism and participation on OASFAA Committees

o         PD will have a Committees Fair on the Friday of Spring Conference, May 20, 2005

o         PD is planning a fun event to have representatives from all committees available to discuss objectives, events, etc. of their committee to conferees to recruit for upcoming year.

                                Committees Fair

1.        The Professional Development Committee will work with committee chairs to coordinate representatives from each committee to staff the respective table for the duration of the Fair to take place on Friday, May 20 from 8:30am to 10:30am in the breakfast area.  As a promotion for the Friday event, we will also ask that committee representatives staff the OASFAA table during the dessert breaks (at least once on either Wednesday or Thursday).

2.        We are working to finalize the “hook” for the event.  The theme will be Join Team OASFAA with a giveaway that each committee will have at their booth when they get members to sign up and join the committee.


After the conducting research related to the Leadership Program, the Professional Development Committee would like to bring forth recommendations received through feedback from surveys, the Leadership Class Reunion (held at Winter Conference 2004) and membership comments received at regional meetings.  The Professional Development Committee would like the Executive Committee to consider recommendations for the 2005-2006 Leadership Class.


A leadership class reunion was held and Angela has recommendations from different areas.  Angela presented this at the meeting.  Highlighted a couple:


Eliminate the 1-5 year experience participation requirement

Use application process rather than nomination process

Change the duration of the program to one conference

Incorporate a post-leadership class participation

Post participation of leadership class

Hold leadership committee chair position even for the years when we will not have a class


Time frame was presented as well. 


Mark commented that these were some very good suggestions.  He recommended that we sign off on these recommendations, definitely endorse 1 and 2, and let the committee chair to be chosen by Mary Lynn decide how to proceed with the remaining recommendations.


3.)      Conference 


The Conference Planning Committee met at the offices of Great Lakes in Columbus on Friday, February 25, 2005.   A list of the committee members (forty in all) will be included in the conference program. 

Spring Conference, 2005 will take place at the Hilton Akron/Fairlawn from May 18 – 20, with the golf outing on May 17.

Conference theme is “Close Encounters of a Student Kind”.  Conference program will include a keynote presentation by Dr. W.S. Swail, President of Educational Policy Institute, and a general session state update by Charles Shahid.  In addition, 35 interest sessions have been scheduled and are currently being planned.


                Conference details including the President’s welcome, program, hotel information, registration, sponsorship opportunities and charity drive will be posted to the OASFAA website starting March 11, 2005.


In addition to providing a solid program that offers training for all sectors, the committee will attempt a new approach at meeting the needs of our presenters, moderators and conference participants across the board.

a.)      Site


b.)     Program

Presented a short presentation on cartoon aliens at the spring conference-planning meeting.  My hopes are to use one or two as the spring conference “mascot”. 


Postcards are in the midst of being designed and sent to printer.  Along with the other printed materials that are needed for conference.  (program, quick reference cards, map/attraction flyer)


Online Program is being created and will be uploaded once again for Spring conference.


Postcards, Online Program, Printed Program all for Spring conference.


c.)      Entertainment

"Dancin' To The Decade--Let the Good Times Roll!" There will be a DJ to play tunes and we hope everyone gets in the groove!   Members are being invited to come dressed as someone from their favorite decade—from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc.  There will be ballot box for people to vote on who they believe has the “best costume”.  The top three will receive $50 Target gift cards.  We will also have prizes for responses to trivia…  


Book Drive: Barnes & Noble did such a terrific job for the last conference that we’re hoping to get them again.  We will have a flyer created to encourage participation.  Again, we will provide tickets for donated books with a drawing on Wed night & Thurs lunch.  We will award a $50 Best Buy gift card to the winner(s).


                                We still need to secure the contract for DJ and purchase gift cards.


d.)     Registration


                                First communication with Paula at ATAC regarding conference registration on March 7.


                                Conference registration preparation of materials.

                                Individual packets

                                Buttons for conference committee

                                Recruit Volunteers for registration table


                                Ordering supplies.


                                Prepare Moderator Packets

                                Presentation certificates

                                Interest Session evaluation forms

                                Overall conference evaluation forms (perhaps this can be on-line at conclusion of event)


e.)      New Member/Mentor 


C.)     President-Elect                                                             Mary Lynn Perri

1.)      Nominations Committee

President- Elect                                               Claudia Wenzel

VP for Conference                           Angela Johnson and Norm Bedford

Treasurer-elect                                 Jerry Wade and Stephanie Sutton

Secretary                                          Deb LaJeunesseand Emily Swain

NW                                                  Gail Houtz and Tina Coulter

NE                                                   Pam Arrington and Jason Florack

SW                                                   Doran Brock and Craig Schnieder

SE                                                    Jo Slade and Jennifer Minyo


Mary Lynn attended the NASFAA Leadership training in DC.  Congress is seriously looking at eliminating the Perkins loan program.  We need to solicit the legislatures about our concerns.


ML attended the MASFAA meeting in January, they are pushing the conference in October which will be held in West Virginia.   The MASFAA fee has been reduced for this next year. 


Chair of outreach committee of OACAC approached ML above doing some cross training in the future. 


Another MASFAA executive committee meeting is set for April in West Virginia.


Transition meeting is going to be in June, looking at different options of day or overnight.

2.)      Finance Committee

3.)      Research

4.)      College Goal Sunday Corporate Development


D.)    Past President                                                               Wendell Schick

1.)      Association Governance Planning

2.)      Membership

                                Current number of members as of 03-07-05 is 686.


a.)      Communication

First issue of the Gazette for 2005 is complete & has been sent to ATAC.  ATAC is working on upgrades so it has been delayed but will be posted shortly.  We included more photographs to make it more robust.  Also included information on awards received at conference (Winter 2004).


Will begin gathering articles & other information for final Gazette for 2004-05; expected to be issued after the Spring 2005 Conference.


b.)     Membership Support

3.)      Regulatory Committee

a.)      State Issues

Forwarded memorandum from Charles Shahid to OASFAA membership 9/10/05. 


b.)     Federal Issues

Mark Bandré, Chuck Knefple, Stephanie Sutton explored possibility of sending notice to membership of Campus Based Funding changes.  It was decided to not take action.  Refer to Attachment A.

After discussion with Chuck Knefple and Mark Bandré, sent an email to membership detailing President Bush’s budget as it impacts financial aid with particular emphasis on the Perkins proposal on 2/8/05.   See Attachment B.


c.)      Reauthorization Issues                              

                                Nothing to report at this time-maybe in 2006

VI. Liaison Reports


A.)    OBR                                                                                Charles Shahid

Wendell was at an advisory meeting for student access and wanted us to hear the progress that is happening.  Wendell asked Charles to join us at executive meeting to inform us as to what they are doing.  Erin Emrine from OBR joined him.  She is the administrator of college access.  They presented a timeline for the College Access information hotline.  She has been working to set up a toll free hotline and will provide information on college preparation.  They can direct them to a web site and guide them on answering their questions.  They are hiring an information specialist in April and her hope is to provide other positions.  She is considering hiring grad students and having them do internships.  Coupled with this is the web portal development.  This would be a one-stop shop for Ohio education.  The hope is to role out the web portal in the fall.  Erin has attended College Goal Sunday and she hopes that we can use the hotline to promote the event next year.  She is working to finalize training materials and hopes to launch the hotline in May.  Erin indicated that the information specialist will direct and help the student learn how to navigate the web site or give them other options if they do not have access to the Internet.  Hotline will be open from 10-6. 
Adjustments to time can be made as they go along.  Erin will be at the spring conference presenting this new initiative.


Charles distributed information in regards to the Ohio Opportunity Grant Program.  A consultation was set up in July and has now reconvened to determine/discuss the process for implementing this program.  The opportunity grant came about because of feedback from the consultation.  The major recommendation from the consultation was to match the grant eligibility with the EFC and increase the income maximum.  They are in the process of presenting this to the sub-committee and have no indication as to whether or not this will be funded.  It will move from the House to the Senate.  Still looking at May or June in terms of seeing what the outcome will be.  It is receiving a lot of attention and support but have no idea what the funding will be.  Charles also gave us the Budget recommendations for next year.  OCOG will not be funded until the 06-07 year.  OIG and PT have been scaled down to accommodate for the phase in of the OGOC.  The table for 05-06 will not be finalized until end of May or early June. 


Wendell also asked about the HUB.  Erin explained that they are trying to make transfer of classes easier for all students transferring to other public institutions.  The hotline will also incorporate the advising piece of this in their efforts. 


B.)     Great Lakes                                                                   Lee Harrell


Great Lakes will again be using the conference room over the summer for temporary help.  GLHEC is committed to making sure OASFAA has a place to meet.  If you need a place to meet over the summer, call Luvenia, but give her a little bit more notice.  They are looking at utilizing the conference room as early as May and as late as September. 


C.)     OCAN                                                                            Mayme Patthoff  


We are currently going through a transition while also writing a federal GEAR UP grant for a comprehensive statewide program that includes OCAN and our member organization as well as the Ohio Board of Regents and the Ohio Department of Education. 


If you have not already heard, I would like to let you know about the transitions taking place at OCAN.  In February Tina Milano announced that she was stepping down from her role as CEO of OCAN to focus her time solely on running the National College Access Network as the executive director.  At that time the OCAN board of directors appointed Jennifer Blatz as the interim executive director.  Jennifer will probably remain in this role until the end of the calendar year.  Jennifer previously served as the program officer for Career and College Access at Knowledge Works Foundation and has worked closely with OCAN during the past four years.  OCAN also hired Billy Hensley as a program development coordinator.  Billy previously worked for Knowledge Works Foundation in College and Career Access.  OCAN will keep its offices in Cleveland and both Jennifer and Billy will work out of an OCAN office in Cincinnati.


During the past several weeks we have been working on many projects, and OASFAA has been mentioned often.  At this time, Jennifer would like for me to remain as the staff liaison on the OASFAA executive committee.  Since I will not be able to attend the meeting tomorrow, I would greatly appreciate it if you would make a few remarks about the above information and the information listed below.


We are currently planning our annual conference which will be called the Ohio College Access Conference and will be under the Student Access and Success Coordinating Council of Ohio (SASCCO) which is a committee of the Ohio Board of Regents.  We are encouraging all stakeholders in college access to attend the conference and extend an invitation to the entire financial aid field.  The conference will be held at the Renaissance in downtown Columbus from Tuesday, October 18 through Thursday, October 20.  Tuesday and Wednesday will focus on important college access issues including an advisor track, articulation and transfer workshop, and panel a discussion at the Statehouse.  Thursday will be a Retention Summit which is sponsored by the Sallie Mae Fund.  We plan to involve high profile researchers on retention such as Vincent Tinto.  A save the date postcard will be sent about the conference in April.


OCAN would also like to encourage OASFAA members to partner with OCAN member programs.  I realize many great relationships already exist among many of our member organizations with individuals in the financial field, and we are grateful for the dedicated financial aid officers that help extend the reach of our OCAN programs.  I thought it would be helpful to send you a map of our programs and a contact list of all of our members to encourage collaborations on both ends.


VII. Old Business


A)     Wendell – letter from Division Street Design

The owner of Division Street has contacted Wendell in regards to another bill that was apparently just found in a past employee’s desk.  Wendell and Mark feel we have more than met our obligation to BMI and Division Street, especially given the meeting held last spring in Mansfield at which we were informed that all bills had been presented. For the record, Wendell desires the opinion of exec before following up on this letter.  In short, exec fully agrees that we have met our obligation and asked Wendell and Mark to draft a letter that indicates that our obligation was paid in full.  Faith suggested that all of the documents from the CGS 2004 billing saga be placed in the fire box for future reference just in case any more bills should mysteriously appear.  This shall be done.   


VIII. New Business 


Next Meeting – May 18, 20059:30 AM-11:30 AM – Hilton Akron/Fairlawn



Meeting was adjourned at 2:02pm  with a motion made by Mary Lynn Perri and seconded by Betsy Johnson.