Ohio Association of Financial Aid Administrators

Minutes of the Spring Conference Business Meeting

May 19, 2005



The meeting was called to order by Mark Bandré at 8:31 am.

Secretary’s report – Amy Baker reviewed and distributed the Winter 2004 Columbus conference minutes as taken by Amy Baker.  Mark reminded people that annual conference business meetings are on the web for all to view.  No corrections were made to the minutes and they were approved as presented.


Treasurer’s report – Faith Phillips prepared and presented the Treasurer’s report.  Mark noted the TIAA CREF account and the Lumina foundation grant.  He shared with everyone we had been approved the additional $25,000 grant from Lumina and it was split between the TIAA CREF and the reserves. There were no comments and the budget was approved as presented.


Old Business/President’s report – Ballots must be destroyed, Mary Kay Freshour moved, Mary Lynn Perri seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.  CGS for third year had many changes and marketing work was done through student group at Kent State University.  Next year CGS will be February 12, 2006.  Thanks to the 34 sites who hosted this past year. The long-range fiscal plan has a core competency that if fiscal schema dramatically changed, the organization would survive on membership fees.  Outreach committee was once again successful this past year.  Mark thanked Melony Ohalek and Sandy Gilbert.  OCAN brochures on the table for membership to take.  Scott Lehman and Kim Nash-Yore oversaw the Needs Analysis committee this past year, an important committee that is the grass roots of what we do.  Support professionals committee was mentioned and recognized for a great job.  Mark opened up the opportunity for people to ask questions of the past year, none were presented.


New Business – None


Motion to adjourn was made by Faith Phillips and seconded by Claudia Wenzel.  Passed unanimously.