OASFAA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation, Columbus, Ohio

September 22, 2006



Pamela Arrington

Mary Arter Bell

Amy Baker                   

Robin Belleville

Stacey Black*

Doran Brock

John Brown*

Mike Clouse

Don Chenelle

Tina Coulter*

Bev Dalheim

Deb Divers*

Joan Dornette*

Roger Eldridge*

Steve England*

Ann Marie Gruber

Greg Guzman

John Hammond

Lee Harrell*

Pamela Hughes*

Sherri Jianuzzi

Angela Johnson*

Betsy Johnson

Karen Kopp

Scott Lehman*

Marty Maliwesky*

Donna McCullough

Amanda McPherson

Jennifer Minyo

Kim Nash-Yore

Melony Ohalek

Mayme Patthoff

Mary Lynn Perri

Francis Robbins*

Marnie Roberts*

Wendell Schick*

Michiale Schneider*

Carmen Sears-Edwards*

Charles Shahid*

Becky Shinaberry*

Doris Smith*

Stephanie Sutton*

Emily Swain*

LaToya Sykes*

Karen Tijanich*

Lee Ann Timmerman

Andrea Tracey

Randy Ulses

Jerry Wade*

Michele Wade*

Ralph Walker*

Karen Wallace*

Claudia Wenzel*

Amy Wilkens*

Cheryl Willard*

Connie Williams

Dayna Wymer




Meeting called to order at 10:20 a.m.


I.  Announcements and New Business                             Claudia Wenzel


a.                   Membership Brochure-Needs to be updated for use with Corporate Support, OCAN Conference, College Goal Sunday. 


b.                   My Rich Uncle Issue-Due to recent circumstances, do we want them to continue to be a member of OASFAA and continue to exhibit?  NASFAA has released a statement regarding My Rich Uncle.  Claudia suggested having OASFAA have an official written position similar to MASFAA.  Steve England will put together a statement and there vote on it before next meeting.   Discussion of returning sponsorship dollars.


c.                   OCAN Conference-Conference October 23-25.  Amy and Claudia will be attending.  College Goal Sunday will have a roundtable at their conference.  Outreach will man the OASFAA booth.


d.                   Personnel Changes-Jerry Wade has accepted a new position with OSU and will no longer to continue with his duties in OASFAA.  Tina Coulter has accepted a new position at BGSU and will no longer be able to serve with her duties with OASFAA.


e.                   Department of Education HERA Training-Ohio training the same day as OASFAA pre-conference and NASFAA Training.  Contracted with hotel.  Same trainer and training from DOE to be offered the last day of conference.


f.                     MASFAA Training-State meeting the Sunday of conference.  Des Moines.  Oct. 14-18.  Amy and Claudia will be present.


II. Old Business


a.                   Leasing of Computers


b.         State Liasons-tabled in Amy’s absence.


III. Secretary’s Report                                                     Scott Lehman


            Summary of activities:

Contacting printers for the ordering of OASFAA Stationary.


Once the minutes of the July 28 Executive Committee are approved, they will be posted on the OASFAA Website.


Also, in conjunction with the Communications Committee, there will be an Executive Meeting Newsflash sent to the membership.  This will be a brief summary of the main topics covered during the most recent Executive Meeting.


Motion to approve minutes by Stephanie Sutton. Seconded by Deb Divers.  Minutes approved.        


III. Treasurer’s Report                                                     Stephanie Sutton


Summary of activities:

All accounts reconciled with bank statements.


Scholarship donation sent to Louisiana Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (LASFAA) in the amount of $1,190.00. This was the amount of money raised at the 2005 OASFAA Winter Conference to benefit student(s) affected by Hurricane Katrina.  LASFAA has a hurricane relief fund set up and said that they would identify a student to receive our award.


Touched base with Kirkey and Company, our accountants, to ensure timely filing of the OASFAA tax return. 


Activities planned but not yet completed:

Claudia Wenzel and I are working through the procedures with TIAA CREF to update officers and addresses.  This will take two letters both with medallion guarantees.  One from Claudia and one from Stephanie.  Should be accomplished in next two weeks.  The initial letter sent from Claudia with medallion guarantee was not sufficient.


Recommended discussion items for the Executive Committee:

Update membership on completion of scholarship donation from 2005 Winter Conference Fund Raiser.



IV. Regional Representatives Reports


                Discussion about non-members attending.  Continue to allow non-members to attend.


A.)    Northeast                                                          Stacey Black


September 21 meeting postponed. 


Summary of activities:

Confirmed dates of (5) Regional Meetings:

·                     October 26, 2006

·                     November 17, 2006

·                     January 30, 2007  (Needs Analysis)

·                     March 23, 2007

·                      April 27, 2007


Activities planned but not yet completed:

Contacting various sites for meeting locations, and availability.  Contacting sponsors for support and availability.



B.)    Northwest                                                          Sherri Jianuzzi


First meeting is October 19.  This meeting was postponed from September 26.


C.)    Southeast                                                         Amanda McPherson


No report at this time.


D.)    Southwest                                                         Doran Brock


Summary of activities:

The Southwest Regional Meeting dates for 2006-2007 will be as follows:

October 20, 2006

November 16, 2006

February 8, 2007

March 14, 2007

April 20, 2007


Activities planned but not yet completed:

I am working on the content and locations for the regional meetings          


V. Executive Committee Reports


A.)    VP for Training                                       Emily Swain


            Summary of activities:

All of the training committees and regional representatives have been busy meeting, planning, and offering training already this year.  They’re working very hard to offer the best training possible for the State.


Jackie Tracy, of Bowling Green State University, and Susan Kannenwishcer, of Dennison University have been selected as the NASFAA Trainers.  They will be in Washington D.C. on October 4-5th for training in the area of Verification and they will present at two workshops.  The first workshop is pre-conference on December 12, 2006 and the second is February 2, 2007.


100 Packets have been ordered.


I’ve also been working with Karen Wallace to communicate the sponsors for the Regional Meetings and other Trainings.  Part of this includes updating the sponsors and their logos on the OASFAA website.  


                        Activities planned but not yet completed:

I am working on securing a site for the February 2nd Drive-In Training in the Columbus Area.


I need to work on the online registration process for the NASFAA Training as well as work the Communications Committee on the Monthly Calendar for the Newsflash slots.


            Recommended discussion items for the Executive Committee:

I need some direction on where to begin and who to work with for the online NASFAA Drive-In Registration.



1.)     Support Professional Committee


Summary of activities:

Had our first meeting on August 18th.  We tentatively set sites for 4 workshops.


South East is at Great Lakes on Thursday November 16th

North East is at Baldwin Wallace on Thursday November 16th

North West is at BGSU on Friday November 17th

South West is at Cedarville or Clark State Friday November 17th.


Site Coordinators:

NE and NW - Kim Nash-Yore and Karen Tijanich

SE and SW – Tim Hewitt and Debbie Brewer

Topics for Workshops: Financial Aid Resources, New FAFSA/Hand Calcs, Customer Service, HERA update, FERPA.


Discussed advertising, presenters, and promotions for workshops.


Activities planned but not yet completed:

Next Meeting scheduled for October 13th at Great Lakes. We need to find out who our sponsors are for the workshops.  And we need to commit presenters. 


2.)     Need Analysis


Summary of activities:

We have discussed and set the agenda for our first meeting which will be held on September 19, 2006.  This will be an action packed meeting and a fast moving Fall semester!



·         Mission for Needs Analysis Committee

·         Volunteer assignments

o        Resource page

o        Federal updates

o        Calculations

o        Outside orders

o        Winter conference Thursday December 14, 2006

o        Regional meetings February 2007


Activities planned but not yet completed:

Future tentative meeting dates:

Friday October 6, 2006

Friday October 20, 2006

Wednesday November 8, 2006

Wednesday November 17, 2006

Friday December 1, 2006


3.)     NASFAA Training


No report at this time.


4.)     Outreach Committee


Summary of Activities:

·         8/16 – Lawrence Matthews provided training to OCAN advisors regarding current financial aid issues and financial aid 101 in general – it was well attended.

·         9/12 – 9/15 – OACAC Articulations held.  Anticipate close to 1000 counselors at 4 sites.  A 45 min. presentation will be provided by Outreach members based on information from the NASFAA conference as well as handouts will be given to assist counselors in their interactions with students; including 2 save the date pieces (College Goal Sunday and the OASFAA Counselor Workshops (CWS)).

·         The first Counselor Workshop announcement (Save the Date) handed out in the form of a light-weight postcard at the articulations.  The theme for the 2006 Counselor Workshops will be “Connecting the Pieces for our Students”.   The anticipated date for opening the workshop registration is Oct. 2nd.  The first official mailer/e-mails will go out on or around Sept. 29th.  Mailing lists are being compiled from last year’s Outreach committee and CGS committee. 

·         It is estimated that there were an average of 50 attendees each of the 4 OACAC Articulation Workshops.


Activities planned but not yet completed:

·         9/29 – Next OR committee meeting.  (Postponed to week of Oct. 16) This meeting will be used to finalize plans for the CWS as well as the Honda Ed. Fairs and the OCAN Conference participation.  Committee members will prepare the CWS mailers at this meeting.

·         9/21, 9/26, 10/13, & 10/20 will be regional meetings involving a presentation from the OR committee.

·         10/4 (Marysville), 10/11 (Anna), 10/13 (E. Liberty) – Honda Ed. Fairs – **more help could be used to cover OASFAA tables.  Let Tina, Bev, or Dayna know if you are interested.


5.)     Early Awareness Committee


Summary of activities:

Held first conference call 8/31/2006.  Committee discussed Committee Goals and the plan of action for the year.


Activities planned but not yet complete:

First in-person meeting after articulation at Baldwin Wallace on 9/15/2006.


Recommended items for discussion:

Possible sponsorship for certain items:  Booklets, handouts and postcards.


6)       College Goal Sunday Committee


The tri-fold flyers that Doris has passed around to everyone is the flyer that we are using for College Goal Sunday 2007.  Oliver Printing has printed 175,000 for us to distribute.  They are also printing 5,000 posters to be mailed to all high schools, colleges, and Access groups early in November.  The posters are the same style as the brochure.  Addresses are being compiled and will be e-mailed to the printer within the next two weeks.


Paula at ATAC has been contacted and we will be working with her to get the website up for viewing as well as the online registration for volunteers up and running within the 2-3 weeks.  (Definitely OCAN conference.)


The students at Glyphix are working on the reminder “save the date” piece as we speak.  There will be a reminder “ticket” to be mailed during the Holidays.


Discussion:  College Goal Sunday roundtable to be presented at OCAN Conference.  Expected to attend OCAN Conference.


Also discussed was the registration process for volunteers at the upcoming Winter Conference.   Discussed was the possibility of having a computer set up so that volunteers can register on-line at the conference.


7)       Web Manager


If you are still having problems getting to chair access, notify John.  Claudia to forward to Executive Committee the policy on posting items to website.  Be sure that all of your information is up to date.  Please post upcoming committee meetings on calendar for planning purposes on other committees.   Basic message is to clean up old information.  Changes from last year ad hoc committee’s to be updated on website in November. 


B)      VP for Conferences                                Angela Johnson


Planning committee met in August at B.W.  The theme of conference will be “Discovering the Treasure”


The planning committee is moving forward.


1.)     Corporate Development


Summary of activities:  (Corporate Development Project Plan-separate document)

Corporate Sponsorship for 2005-2006 issues are closed. Website for general sponsorship opportunities went live on August 22. We have received commitments in the amount of $22,150 and received $8,150 in payments.

There are six items that have not been selected for sponsorship (3 regional Need Analysis Training meetings, NASFAA Preconference, and 3 Support Professional Training Meetings).  We have 10 College Goal Sunday Sponsors.

Last year General Sponsorship brought in $22,900 which included $2,000 for Leadership which was not a sponsored item this year. We also received $5,000 in late year sponsored items so we may increase our sponsorship dollars.


$23,150 in commitments.  Payments received $12,650


Activities planned but not yet completed:

Review Winter Conference sponsorship opportunities and revise website for October Live Date.                                

2.)     Professional Development


Confirm session for Wednesday  December 13 “Climbing Leadership Ladder”.  Working on another session with TG (Bennie Hayden)   Nelnet to possibly present another session. 


3.)     Conference


a.)     Site


No report at this time


b.)     Program


Working on postcard reminders and program.  Waiting for sponsors and actual program.


c.)     Entertainment


Summary of activities:

Spoke with Lisa Larson – State Wide Coordinator, Reach Out and Read and Jane Koslap – Barnes & Noble regarding the book drive charitable activity to be held at OASFAA winter conference. Both are very excited and we have begun making preparations for the book drive.


I contacted Cindy Anderson – Marriott Hotel and we’ve begun coordinating drink tickets. After talking with Cindy we both felt that we should stick with the existing drink ticket model as switching to the proposed plan/idea would be too problematic for the hotel to handle. Simply, vendors can purchase tickets (hotel will provide) at the hotel registration desk at $5 per ticket. No refunds for unused tickets.


Coordinating communication of entertainment, drink tickets and charitable activities with Karen Kopp, Corporate Development as instructed.


Kris Lowe provided a list of restaurants close to the Marriott. We are moving forward with those restaurants for the concierge service sign up sheets.



Activities planned but not yet completed:

Entertainment committee meeting scheduled for September 8th to begin final planning of entertainment activity (Price is Right), DJ and “consierge service” (restaurant sign up sheets for attendees who wish to go out on their own and pair up with other attendees).


Recommended discussion items for the Executive Committee:

It was suggested during the conference planning meeting the possibility of video taping the “Price is Right” so it could be displayed on the big screen in the ball room for better overall viewing. Is this some thing we could arrange with ITA (the contracted audio/visual service for Marriott) and expense to the budget? Cindy Anderson – Marriott Hotel informed me that ITA was the group handling audio/visual and that Sherri Sorrell was handling delivery and set up of audio/visual equipment and that I should request equipment through Angela Johnson. Who should I contact during Angela Johnson’s leave?


d.)     Registration


Registration to go live on OASFAA website on October 11.


4.)     Leadership


Possible leadership reunion at conference for discussion for ideas for future tracks.


5.)  New Member/Mentor


No report at this time.



C.  President-Elect                                       Amy Baker


Summary of Activities:

I attended the MASFAA planning retreat in August.  MASFAA is working to find their niche within the Financial Aid community; they want to be able to provide other trainings and support not offered at the state or national level.    Also, we are slated to attend the Indiana conference through the exchange program, but I do not know the dates of the conference.  The state presidents are working on a protocol outlining specifics on hosting through the exchange program.  The document is in the early stages.


Activities planned but not yet completed:

I will be attending MASFAA conference in Des Moines, Iowa in October.


1.)     Nominations Committee


2.)     Finance Committee


3.)     Research


4.)     College Goal Sunday Corporate Development


Summary of activities:

·         Created Project Plan for activities (see attached)

·         Held conference call with President, President – Elect, and Co-Chairs of College of Goal Sunday. Discussed outstanding questions. Received clarification on the following:

o        President-Elect will sign off on any company agreements that may need to be signed

o        Membership committee is responsible for updating OASFAA brochure

·         All activities will focus on CGS 2008

·         Will try to generate interest for this year but feel it’s too late

o                 If we are successful, then will recognize sponsor at event

·         All sponsorship should be finalized by August 1, 2007


Activities planned but not yet completed:

·         Continue to finalize timeline

·         Continue to create items needed for correspondence

·         Continue to work on identifying contact information for companies identified

·         Form a CGS Corporate Development Committee.

·         Next meeting Oct. 11 at Baldwin Wallace College.


            Discussion:  Many suggestions for possible other funding resources were suggested.  Discussion about finding CGS “success stories.”  Moralee suggested possibility of soliciting OBR.


D.       Past President                                      Mary Lynn Perri


1.)     Association Governance Planning


Will work on update to P&P to update committees and descriptions.


2.)     Membership


No report at this time.


3.)     Communication


Working with Secretary for Newsflashes for exec meetings every 6 weeks.  Working on newsflashes for training options.  (Once a month) Also going to feature a committee in the Gazette. 


4.)     Regulatory Committee

a.)     State Issues


The State Issues Committee Co-Chairs Connie Williams and Joan Dornette along with Michele Wade meet with Charles Shahid, Director of State Grants and Scholarships, on September 8, 2006.  The Meeting was extremely beneficial to both OASFAA and OBR.

Charles will try to attend the September 22, 2006 OASFAA exec board. Charles was also willing to host an exec meeting at the OBR possible the November 3rd meeting. 


The Co-Chairs extended and invitation for Charles to present at the general session at winter conference.  He was willing and suggested also presenting and an inter-session. Michele suggested setting up a list serve so members of OASFAA could view questions and Charles response. Charles would like to have a shadowing program between members of OASFAA and the OBR staff.  OBR staff would shadow a financial aid officer at the college.  Then financial aid professional can shadow at OBR.  Possibly have OBR members attend MASFAA or OASFAA.


The State Issues Co –Chairs will continue thought the year to work will Charles to strength the communication between OASFAA member and the OBR.


We also contacted the list of volunteers for the Regulatory issues committees and thanked them and suggested Need Analysis, Conferences, Support Professional, and Outreach Committees need assistance.


Stephanie asked about having a session on the new state TANF program at conference.  It is planned for Winter Conference during general session at Business meeting.  Then at a interest session.


b.)     Federal Issues


Marty and Roger available to possibly provide HERA training  


c.)     Reauthorization Issues




VI. Liaison Reports


A.)    OBR                                                           Charles Shahid

Still owe for 05-06, 20-25 campuses OIG funds.  Meeting with Office of Budget Manangement to resolve issue.  30 million for FY 05 and FY 06?


OCOG refund policy e-mailed to all financial aid directors and data reporters.  Will post to OASFAA listserve.  Similar to OIG refund policy.


TANF-Contracted with Dee Delany to manage project. 


Charles to send Claudia TANF and OCOG documents to get to membership.


OBR to possible host the next OASFAA Executive Meeting. 


B.)    Great Lakes                                                Lee Harrell


Putting together a training calendar for 06-07.  Calendar will be sent upon completion.


New product enhancements to be update in December.


C.)    OCAN                                                         Maymee Pathoff

Brochure for OCAN conference sent out.  OASFAA will have a table.  5 financial aid sessions. October 23-25 in Columbus.     (Columbus Marriot North)


(Submitted by Moralee)


            D)  Taskforce                                                     Wendell Schick


                        Committee met and will have recommendation to exec committee by next meeting.


Motion to adjourn by Deb Divers. seconded by Emily Swain.  Meeting adjourned 12:15 p.m.


Next meeting November 3, 2006.