OASFAA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation, Columbus, OH

April 27, 2007



Pamela Arrington

Mary Arter Bell

Amy Baker*                  

Robin Belleville

Stacey Black*

Doran Brock

John Brown*

Mike Clouse*

Don Chenelle*

Bev Dalheim*

Deb Divers*

Joan Dornette*

Roger Eldridge*

Steve England*

Carrie Euype*

Ann Marie Gruber*

Greg Guzman

Lee Harrell

Jennifer Hayes*

Pamela Hughes

Sherri Jianuzzi*

Angela Johnson*

Betsy Johnson*

Karen Kopp*

Scott Lehman*

Marty Maliwesky

Donna McCullough

Amanda McPherson*

Kim Nash-Yore*

Melony Ohalek*

Mayme Patthoff

Mary Lynn Perri*

Francis Robbins*

Wendell Schick*

Michiale Schneider

Carmen Sears-Edwards*

Charles Shahid

Becky Shinaberry*

Doris Smith*

Stephanie Sutton

LaToya Sykes

Karen Tijanich

Lee Ann Timmerman

Andrea Tracy*

Randy Ulses*

Michele Wade*

Ralph Walker

Karen Wallace*

Claudia Wenzel*

Cheryl Willard*

Connie Williams




Meeting called to order at 10:20



I.  Announcements and New Business                             Claudia Wenzel


Ethics Issue and OASFAA (Affects of AG’s request)  Claudia feels the we need to be vocal about our professionalism on a personal and institutional level.  She feels that we can’t make a stand as an organization due to the over 700 members that we represent.  Roger & Marty getting together a list of legislators to contact on our behalf.  E-mail list to members. 


Maybe have discussions at conference at the 2-year, 4-year breakout sessions.


(Per corporate support chairs) Asked sponsors and exhibitors to offer a general sponsorships instead of sponsoring individual events.  (meals, break, etc.)  Over 39 exhibitors.  19 of which are sponsoring.  No change from the past.  No signage.  Asked sponsors not to offer door prizes.  Use proceeds to donate toward charitable drive.  (Bluffton charity)  Claudia will still recognize the venders and sponsors as a whole for their support.   Will discuss having a spokesperson(s) if approached by media at the conference.


Golf outing not a sponsored event.


Discussion about a plan of action pending guidance from the state and federal authorities.   Will evaluate current practices and discuss changes if necessary.


Concern about meeting at Great Lakes.  Roger contacted legal counsel at Great Lakes.  It is their opinion that there is not a problem due to Great Lakes being the state guarantor.  Great Lakes will support any decision OASFAA makes.


Discussion about sponsors having ads in the conference program.  Andrea Tracy suggested a disclaimer in the program that states these are paid advertisements separate from sponsorships.  Karen Wallace suggested putting the ads in one spot.  Place a disclaimer before the ads.


Concerned about lenders presenting at various sessions at conference.  Need to note that those presenters are not there to promote their product.  Claudia noted that the majority of presenters are school members.


Finance committee will meet to determine how sponsorship and vendor dollars will be affected and how it will affect the association.


Conference Sponsorship (see previous notes)


Don suggested sponsorship for Spring issue of “College 101”.  Finance committee to discuss possible sponsorship.  Don to find out a dollar amount and timeline.  Concern raised about the viewership of the publication.  Don to get that information from OCAN.


II. Old Business


James White Award Nominees-Claudia sent out an email to association and solicited nominations.



Supervisor Names-Claudia would like to e-mail a thank you to supervisors of executive committee members



Updated Committee Lists-Please update committee listing on website.  Claudia wishes to e-mail a thank you to those members.



P&P Manual-Discussion about proposed changes.


Motion to make changes to P&P by Deb Divers.  Amy Baker seconds.  Revised P&P changes approved.  (Changes are in italics)


2.1.2          Associate Membership-Associate membership shall be open to individuals who are engaged indirectly in the administration of financial aid programs and who can demonstrate to the Trustees an interest in the purpose of the Corporation.  Associate members are non-voting members who may not hold elected office but may serve in any other capacity.  This may include student membership.

2.1.3          Membership Dues- Membership in the Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators requires that dues be submitted on a yearly basis, and must be submitted no later than December 31.  Following a review of the fiscal status of the Corporation, the Finance Committee may recommend an increase in annual dues.  Such an increase must be approved by a majority vote of the Trustees for recommendation to the Corporation membership.  It is advised that the Corporate membership be informed at least thirty (30) days prior to the actual meeting where a majority vote of the membership is required for approval.  The Trustees may approve a different membership dues amount for student members.

2.1.5          Refusal/Revocation of Membership- Membership in the Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators may be refused and/or revoked if an OASFAA member in good standing submits a written complaint to the Executive Committee which includes third party documentation in support of the complaint.  Refusal of membership will occur if an applicant/member is not adhering to the Corporation Mission Statement and/or the Code of Ethics, or is not eligible for membership based upon previously listed criteria.  A majority vote of the Trustees is required to refuse and/or revoke membership, and the President of OASFAA will notify the member/applicant of the revocation and/or refusal of member privileges.  Refusal of membership will result in the refunding of all dues.  However, no refund will be issued for revocation of membership privileges.

2.2               Sponsorship and Exhibiting- Sponsorship of any OASFAA activities or exhibiting at any OASFAA activities can be refused if an OASFAA member in good standing submits a written complaint to the Executive Committee which includes third party documentation in support of the complaint.  Refusal of sponsorship/exhibiting will occur if a sponsor/exhibitor is not adhering to the Corporation Mission Statement and/or the Code of Ethics.  A majority vote of the Trustees is required to refuse sponsorship/exhibiting. The President of OASFAA will notify the sponsor/exhibitor.  Refusal of sponsorship/exhibiting will result in the refunding of all sponsorship/exhibitor dollars.

3.1        Officers- The Officers of the Corporation shall include a President, President-Elect, Vice-President for Training, Vice-President for Conferences, Secretary, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect, Past-President, and Regional Representatives; all of whom serve as Trustees.  Through a ballot process, the President-Elect, Treasurer-Elect, Secretary, and Regional Representatives are elected annually by a simple majority vote of the Corporate membership. The Vice-President for Training, and the Vice-President for Conferences will be elected biannually by the same type of vote.  The Vice-Presidents will be elected alternating years.  Election results will be announced in the spring.  Terms of office commence on the 1st day of the Corporation’s fiscal year.

3.2.9     Regional Representatives- The Regional Representatives represent the membership of their respective regions at meetings of the Trustees and serve as a communication link from the Corporation to their respective regions.   The regions are determined by the telephone area code in which the institution is located.  As area codes are added, they are to be included with the prime code, listed below, first for each region.


Northeast:  216/234/330/440

Northwest:  419/567

Southeast:  614/740

Southwest:  513/937

5.0        Committees-1. Develop, at the beginning of the year; goals, budgets, objectives, plans of action, and priorities for the coming year, including a calendar. 


2. Submit goals and objectives to the President of the Corporation for review by the Trustees.  The Committee Chair is responsible for implementing the goals and objectives of the committee during the term of office.   The Committee Co-Chair assists the Committee Chair with the responsibilities, as determined by the Committee Chair, with the goal of having the Co-Chair assume the Chair position the following year.


Standing Committees


Association Governance/Planning

College Goal Sunday                                               

College Goal Sunday Corporate Support                                                       


Conference Planning                                                 

- Site

  - Program

  - Registration

  - Entertainment

Corporate Development

Early Awareness



Membership Support

New Member/Mentoring                                           

Need Analysis



Professional Development

Regulatory - Federal Issues/Reauthorization   

Regulatory - State Issues 


Special Committees and Task Forces

Support Professional

Web Developers

5.1.4     Corporate Development Committee

The Corporate Development Committee promotes OASFAA by coordinating sponsorship opportunities, which assist in funding various OASFAA functions. 


The Corporate Development Committee:


1.       Conferences – Serves as the Conference Committee Corporate Development Chair.  Obtains sponsorship to publicize the OASFAA winter and spring conferences held yearly and provides detailed information to OASFAA associate members (lenders, guaranty agencies, secondary markets and servicers) concerning sponsorship opportunities. These include:  conference programs, advertising in conference programs, training materials, folders, meals, breaks, speakers, entertainment, general sponsorship, and exhibiting.

5.1.15      Web Developers Committee

The Web Developers Committee promotes awareness of technology options to the financial aid community and provides technical support for the Trustees. The Chair will appoint a vice-chair to handle all computer hardware related issues for the equipment owned by the association.


The Web Developers Committee:      


1.   Updates and maintains OASFAA Web Page. 


2.   Collects and disseminates to members any information relative to the technology needs of the financial aid profession.  Plans and conducts conference interest sessions, regional meetings and statewide and regional workshops. 


2.       Assesses the technology needs of the Corporation's Trustees and makes recommendations based on these assessments.

5.2         Special Committees and Task Forces

Special committees and task forces may be appointed on an annual basis by the President

6.2  Conference Guests Policy   - approved 7/1/05

OASFAA may choose to invite selected individuals to annual meetings as “Conference Guests.”  A conference guest (keynote speaker, presenter) invitation and expenses must be approved by the Vice President for Conferences.  The Corporation may cover the registration fee, reasonable transportation coverage, room accommodations, and/or an honorarium.


In addition, due to their involvement with the planning of the association conferences the following positions on the Executive Committee will be covered accordingly:


President – Conference registration and hotel guest room for both conferences

President Elect - Conference registration and hotel guest room for both conferences

VP for Conferences - Conference registration and hotel guest room for both conferences (shared room if possible)

Registration Chair - Conference registration and hotel guest room for both conferences (shared room if possible)

Site Co-Chairs - Conference registration and hotel guest room for both conferences (shared room if possible)

Program Chair – Conference registration for both conferences

Treasurer - Conference registration for both conferences

VP for Training – Conference registration and hotel for conference with NASFAA Training


By order of preference, offer conference registration and complimentary rooms, as they are available, by discretion of the President.

6.5   Completion of Reimbursement Requests

A reimbursement request must be completed in order for an OASFAA member to obtain reimbursement for his/her approval of expenses or for approved expenses incurred by an outside individual/organization. The correct procedures for completing a reimbursement request are to:


1. Print the name of the payee along with the date on the top line.


2. Print the address where the check is to be mailed in the address.


3. Indicate the total approved amount to be paid and a brief description of the reason for reimbursement in the appropriate section. 


4. Provide documentation for the amount to be paid such as receipts, invoices, etc.


5. Sign and date the reimbursement request along with the name of the institution and and indicate your OASFAA position title or committee.


6. Send the completed reimbursement request to the appropriate individual:

Committee members submit to committee chair.   Committee chair and elected officers submit to their OASFAA Trustee.  President Elect   The OASFAA Trustee authorizing individual will complete the "charge to" section indicating the budget line item against which the expense is to be charged. The OASFAA Trustee authorizing individual will review and confirm the entire reimbursement request form and sign his/her name at the bottom of the form indicating his/her OASFAA title and the date. The OASFAA Trustee will forward the completed reimbursement form to the OASFAA President Elect for final authorizing signature.  The OASFAA President Elect will forward the completed reimbursement request will be sent to the OASFAA Treasurer for issuance of a reimbursement check. The Treasurer will keep a copy for his/her records and update the expense budgets accordingly. A check will be sent to the Payee. and a copy of the completed reimbursement form will be sent to the requesting individual.

6.6   Reimbursement Authorizations

In order for every OASFAA committee chair, officer and regional representative to be responsible for their assigned budget, any disbursement should have two three signatures for approval:  1) the originator, 2) the OASFAA Trustee, and 3) the President Elect. A Committee Chair or Regional Representative may delegate responsibilities to others that may incur expenses and be entitled to reimbursement. Such requests for reimbursement should be sent to the Committee Chair or Regional Representative (as appropriate) who should review and may authorize the request.  The Committee Chair or Regional Representative will submit the reimbursement form to the appropriate Trustee for authorization.


Michele Wade to update changes in the manual and approve the manual as a whole. 


Added changes will be sent to trustees to vote on via e-mail.


OASFAA Constitution-Steve circulated updated OASFAA Constitution to post to the web.


Task Force Recommendations-Presented at the previous executive committee meeting.   Andrea Tracy (Early Awareness Chair) mentioned that the committee is in line with the recommendations. 


Concern about affiliation of financial aid staffs with the various access groups.  What is that role?  Don suggesting to make it a little more formal.  Not suggesting changing that staff person’s role.  Don and Wendell to announce findings to membership at Spring Conference. 


Don suggesting that FAA encourage to work for the various access groups.  Concern about FWS funding at each institution.  Could use community service portion of FWS for employment at access organizations.


III. Secretary’s Report                                                     Scott Lehman


Minutes from the January 26, 2007 Executive Committee meeting posted to website.  Motion to approve March 9 minutes by Amanda McPherson and seconded by Jen Hayes.  Motion approved to approve March 9 minutes.  Those minutes to be posted to the web by the Secretary.


III. Treasurer’s Report                                                     Stephanie Sutton


Summary of activities:

§Al l accounts reconciled with bank statements.


§Provided account information to Vice President for Training, Kim Nash-Yore, in an attempt to understand spending patterns.  Will use as a tool in future Finance Committee meeting.


IV. Regional Representatives Reports


A.)    Northeast                                                          Stacey Black


Summary of activities:

4th meeting at Cleveland Foundation – March 23--15 attendees

5th meeting at Akron Zoo- April 25

Approximately 20 attendees at April 25 meeting


B.)    Northwest                                                          Sherri Jianuzzi


Summary of activities:

Our third regional meeting was held on March 30, 2007 at Winebrenner Theological Seminary in Findlay.  There were 16 people in attendance.  Great Lakes was the sponsor for this meeting.  John Brown from Great Lakes gave a presentation on Stress Management and Relaxation, Monica Miller from EdAmerica gave a presentation on Loan Consolidation and Jerry Bower from The University of Toledo gave a presentation on Change Management.  The speakers were all given high marks on the evaluations. 


Activities planned but not yet completed:

The last regional meeting is scheduled for April 26, 2007 at Lourdes College.  Wachovia is our sponsor.  Great Lakes has agreed to offer two of the topics from their training in Columbus, Ethics and Preferred Lender Lists and Federal Graduate PLUS Loans.  Ted Hallenbeck from Wachovia will give a presentation on helping students organize their finances and build a budget.  Jerry Bower from The University of Toledo will give a presentation on “GoinFishin’” with the FISH philosophy of customer service.


Since Great Lakes agreed to offer the topics from their training, we extended an invitation to the Northeast Region to attend this meeting.


23 people attended April meeting.


C.)    Southeast                                                         Amanda McPherson


Last meeting was held on April 20.  About 15 people attended.


D.)    Southwest                                                         Doran Brock


Summary of activities:

The fourth SW Regional meeting was held at UC RWC on 4/13/2007


Kimberly Gormley from OCAN can down and gave a very good presentation around who is OCAN and the Know How 2 Go campaign


Activities planned but not yet completed:

The fifth and final SW Regional meeting will also be held in Cincinnati on Thursday May 10th. More Details to come soon.



V. Executive Committee Reports


A.)    VP for Training                                       Kim Nash-Yore


1.)     Support Professional Committee                   Karen Tajanich


Summary of activities:

We have reviewed nominations and selected recipient for the 2006-07 Support Professional of the Year Award.  We have contacted the person who nominated, and requested that he arrange for the recipient to be present at the spring conference for the presentation, with out knowing of the award.  We are waiting to hear back confirmation.


Asked Claudia to order plaque.


Activities planned but not yet completed:      

Need to write speech for the presentation.  Need to let all other nominations know we have selected a winner.


2.)     Need Analysis                                             Carmen Sears-Edwards


Summary of activities:

We conducted our Need Analysis sessions in each of the four regions:


·         February 1st, 2007 NE at Baldwin Wallace College – Four attendees session will be repeated on April 25th due to conflict with NASFAA training

·         February 7th, 2007- NW at Bowling Green Firelands Campus – 30 Attendees

·         February 8th, 2007- SW at Wilmington College – 20 Attendees

·         February 16th, 2007 – SE at Franklin College – 18 Attendees


Evaluations were very positive; will forward to committee.  One suggestion if Need Analysis does go back to four sessions for next winter that the fourth session be a detailed review of completing the FAFSA.


Activities planned but not yet completed:

An abbreviated session will be held for NE region on April 25th at the Akron Zoo.  Stacey Black coordinated a repeat session due to the February 1st training having a low turnout due to the NASFAA training


3.)     NASFAA Training


No report at this time.


4.)     Outreach Committee                                    Bev Dalheim


Bev reviewed budget with Stephanie and Carrie.  There were outstanding bills from 2005 that were paid out of Outreach budget.  Those issues are up to date.  Got information together for OCAC.


5.)     Early Awareness Committee             Andrea Tracy


Summary of activities:

Approved mock-up registration site.  Waiting for it to go live.


Activitites planned but not yet completed:

Registration site to go live and letters to be sent out. La Toya Sykes will be co-presented with Michele Brown the Early Awareness Curriculum at  the OACAC Conference to further solidfy the releationship with OACAC.


6)       College Goal Sunday Committee                   Doris Smith


Summary of activities:

All evaluation have been submitted to NASFAA and should be returned to us soon with summary evaluation information.


The date for College Goal Sunday ’08 is February 10, 2008…unless new committee feels a change is necessary!


Activities planned but not yet completed:

Forward planning for next year should start soon with new Chair/committee.


Recommended discussion items for the Executive Committee:

See attached memo from Marcia Weston regarding new National PR Campaign for College Goal Sunday.



7)       Web Manager                                              John Brown


Asked to be part of the U.S. DOE Default Prevention Project.  DOE wishes to use OASFAA website to help meet their goals.  (Educating students about their loans)  Actual page on our website.  Also to educate schools about what services and tools that are available.


Contributions by lenders and guarantors to provided those tools.  Don suggested having information and material sent to OASFAA to post to website.


Amy mentioned that she plans on forming a task force to address the Default Prevention issue.  It was suggested that that task force.


Motion to approve partnering with DOE on this projected by Mary Lynne, seconded by Amanda McPherson.  Motion approved.


Listserve policy-Need to let membership know what is appropriate to post to listserve.  ATAC and Web manager does not edit or check for content.  John to look at P&P and Constitution for guidelines about monitoring messages being sent out.


B)      VP for Conferences                                Angela Johnson


1.)     Corporate Development                                 Karen Wallace

Summary of activities:

For Winter Conference 2006 we had 41 exhibitors and 20 sponsors; for a total dollar commitment of $42,100. There is still one vendor unpaid, but they have been contacted - again.


General sponsorship no outstanding issues.


For Spring Conference we have sponsorship commitments of $40,050 which includes

18 sponsors, 20 exhibitors for a total of 38 paid tables. Both OCAN and OBR will receive complimentary exhibit space. All items have been sponsored except for Golf Dinner, Wed. Lunch, Wed. New Member Reception and the Conference Item. Total Ads for program are 22 and we have received all but 2 at this time. Contact has been made written and voice with organizations to obtain remaining ads due.


Activities planned but not yet completed:

Close down sponsorship site, prepare signage, contact hotel to confirm tables needed and assign location(s), review draft program for sponsor/exhibitor list, prepare scrolling acknowledgement for general sessions


2.)     Professional Development                             Pamela Arrington


Committees fair at conference.  Pam & Ralph to e-mail more information.


3.)     Conference


a.)     Site                                                      Frances Robbins


Summary of activities:

·         A/V requests are complete and confirmed


Future activities planned:

·         Room assignments for interest sessions

·         Copying the evaluation forms, preparing moderator packets

·         Determining the menu for meals


Recommended discussion items for the Executive Committee:

·         We will need to clarify who will be able to  provide projectors, laptops and other A/V needs for the spring conference  (want to specifically confirm status of training laptop)


Requesting one more laptop and projector to borrow for conference.  Contact Frances or Betsy if you have one to offer.


Evaluations:  Received more evaluations under new format.  Frances suggested an improved prize.  (ex. conference registration) Question about whether presenters can/or will receive continuous feedback.  Discussion about whether to use previous evaluation method or new method used at Winter conference.


b.)     Program                                                Lee Ann Timmerman 


I am currently working on printed program.  Postcards will be mailed later this week after a delay due to finalization of Casino Night entertainment.  Daily signage and rack cards will be created after the final approval of the printed program.


c.)     Entertainment                                        Martha Geiger


Summary of activities:

·                     Contracted with company to hold a Casino night on Wednesday, May 16.

·                     Requested Deposit

·                     Held meetings, with committee to keep the progress flowing.


Activities planned but not yet completed:

·                     Entertainment

o                    Finalize decorations/contract deposit

o                    Contact OASFAA members to volunteer at the Entertainment night

o                    Contact Associate members for donations of non-logo giveaways for the entertainment night.


·                     Charitable

o                    Pinpoint exact fund to donate (Donation to Bluffton University fund-Will be presented to Lawrence Matthews on Thursday.  OASFAA to match first $500)

o                    Send listserve email about fundraiser

o                    Create signage or Card for donos to sign, if they want.

·                     Student Group Performance

o                    Still looking for a student group.


Thursday lunch, Claudia asking that a member of exec sit at each table.


d.)     Registration                                           Ann Marie Gruber


285 registered.  Approximately half of those have paid or are complimentary registrations.


Overflow is at Comfort Inn.


4.)     Leadership                                                  Mike Clouse


Nothing to report at this time.


5.)  New Member/Mentor                                    Jennifer Hayes


36 new members registered for Spring Conference.  Sending welcome letter and membership brochure to registered new members on April 30. 


C.  President-Elect                                       Amy Baker


Summary of activities:

·                  Election ballot is active with elections closing on April 23rd


Activities planned but not yet completed:

·                  After the completion of the election, will be finalizing the executive committee for the 2007-2008 year

·                  Leadership retreat will be June 13-14, 2007 at Sawmill Creek with all new executive committee members attending


1.)     College Goal Sunday Corporate Development Mary Arter Bell


Summary of activities:

·         Mailed letters to prospective corporate sponsors.

·         Began work on follow-up correspondence materials.

·         Mary attended TG Grant proposal workshop on April 12, 2007

·         A committee meeting has been scheduled for April 19, 2007.


Activities planned but not yet completed:      

·         Make follow-up phone calls to prospective corporate sponsors.

·         Send packet to interested parties.


Recommended discussion items for the Executive Committee:

·         Based on the TG workshop, it became clear that in order to obtain funding OASFAA needs to be clear on what additional activities are planned that would require more funding above and beyond what is already being done. For instance, what can we do differently to reach more students in rural areas or those from H.S. that are underrepresented at colleges?


Cheryl and Mary are looking for assistance/guidance for specific plans for reaching rural and underrepresented families.  Sponsors are looking for that information.


Numbers were down for CGS compared to last year.  Discussion about reasons why…and marketing.  (How to reach out to students with the most financial need.  Also non-traditional students, adult students)  BVR, Job and Family Services, Libraries were all suggested as possible resources


Also suggested was partnering with OACAC.  It was mentioned that students cannot receive financial aid if they haven’t gone through the Admissions process. 


D.       Past President                                      Mary Lynn Perri


Mary Lynn is looking for an inventory of all OASFAA equipment.  Also looking to see if the equipment is in working condition.  There is one laptop that is unaccounted for.  Will determine what is needed for possible leasing.  (laptops & projectors)  Re-evaluate need for who needs a laptop.


1.)     Association Governance Planning                  Michele Wade


(See old business)


2.)     Membership                                                Melony Ohalek


693 members for 2007 at this time.  Compared to 844 in 2006 and 850 in 2005.  Not including those that registered for membership at conference registration. 


Concern over some members not receiving e-mails.   Also concern over members receiving incorrect regional e-mails.  (Ex. someone in NE region receiving receiving NE e-mail AND SW e-mail)


Membership and Web Development to work together to resolve this issue.


3.)     Communication                                            Randy Ulses


Summary of activities:

    • Winter Gazette posted March 21 to OASFAA Website
    • Incorporation into Gazette of right to refuse submissions per last Exec meeting
    • NewsFlash reminding membership on NASFAA & MASFAA guidance on lender issues in the news
    • Job positing approved as they arrive


Activities planned but not yet completed:

    • Spring Gazette following spring conference
    • Summer Gazette in mid-summer
    • Documentation of how Gazette and other communications functions are done


Recommended action items for the Executive Committee:


    • Listserve usage to be formalized, sent to membership, and posted on Website as previous action by Executive Committee was not


4.)     Regulatory Committee


a.)     Federal Issues                                       Roger Eldridge


List of public officials to contact was circulated


b.)     State Issues                                          Connie Williams


Summary of activities:

A.  Charles Shahid from the Ohio Board of Regents and his staff will present at Spring Conference and they will have a booth.


B.  Mike Kinney, College Resource Coordinator for Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission will present at Spring Conference.


C. Donna Lenz a student from Good Samaritan College of Nursing will represent students and address the conference.


Discussion of whether or not OASFAA should take an official stand regarding the Ohio Choice Grant.  Decided that because we represent different institutions, there could be conflicts of interest.


c.)     Reauthorization Issues


No report at this time.


d.)     Task Force                                            Wendell Schick/Don Chenelle


No report at this time.


VI. Liaison Reports


A.)    OBR                                                           Charles Shahid


No report at this time.


B.)    Great Lakes                                                Lee Harrell


No report at this time.


C.)    OCAN                                                         Mayme Patthoff                                                


Legislative Breakfast


OCAN co-hosted with OASFAA, OACAC and the TRIO Programs a legislative breakfast on March 28, 2007. The purpose of the breakfast was to educate the legislators on the work that these associations do to promote higher education in our state.  Governor Strickland spoke at the breakfast.  Other speakers included the Chairs of the House & Senate Education Committees, the president of OAEOPP, the president of OCAN and students with success stories. Several members of the OASFAA Executive Committee attended the event.  Over 200 people including several Ohio legislators were present at the event.


OCAN would like to thank OASFAA for financially co-sponsoring the event.


Each organization  prepared an information sheet that was included in a packet of materials provided to all attendees. 


Governor Strickland launched the Ohio KnowHow2Go campaign during the breakfast.  In addition, OCAN has launched the KnowHow2GoOhio.org website to provide students and parents with information related to preparing for and attending college.


OCAN Professional Development Activities


OCAN has secured assistance from OASFAA for the College Access Advisor Training scheduled for August 15, 2007.  Lawrence Matthews will conduct that training.  In addition, OCAN has asked Lawrence to do a Financial Aid 101 session at the OCAN Conference scheduled for September 16-18, 2007.  OCAN is finalizing the professional development calendar for 2007-08 and will request additional assistance from OASFAA for sessions associated with financial aid topics.


OASFAA Spring Conference


Reggie Wilkinson, President of OCAN,  has been asked to speak at the opening session of the spring conference.  He will serve on a panel with Eric Fingerhut and other association representatives.  This opening session is designed to compliment the legislative breakfast hosted in March.


Submitted by,


MorraLee Holzapfel

Director-Outreach & Members Services


Motion to adjourn by Stacy Black and seconded Sherri Jianuzzi.  Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.